“Monsoon Wedding” quotes

Movie Monsoon Wedding
Mira Nair directed this movie in 2001
Title Monsoon Wedding
Year 2001
Director Mira Nair
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
All actors – Naseeruddin Shah, Lillete Dubey, Shefali Shetty, Vijay Raaz, Tillotama Shome, Vasundhara Das, Parvin Dabas, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Kamini Khanna, Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dubey, Kemaya Kidwai
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  • “- P.K. Dubey: The Peacocks are not dancing. It will not rain.
    - Lalit Verma: The Peacocks are not dancing? It will not rain? Have you smoked Ganja?”

    Vijay Raaz - Parabatlal Kanhaiyalal 'P.K.' Dubey
    Naseeruddin Shah - Lalit Verma
  • “- Hemant Rai: No sugar in mine.
    - Jai Chand: You've been brainwashed by America.”

    Parvin Dabas - Hemant Rai
    [Tag:america, custom, tea]
  • “These are my children, and I will protect them even from myself if I have to.”
    Naseeruddin Shah - Lalit Verma
    [Tag:caring, children]
  • “- Lalit Verma: Tej, would you like a cigar?
    - Tej Puri: Thanks, I've given up.
    - Lalit Verma: America makes everyone give up smoking.”

    Naseeruddin Shah - Lalit Verma
    Rajat Kapoor - Tej Puri
    [Tag:america, smoking]
  • Listen sweetheart, the main thing is, you have to fight the battle.”
    Soni Razdan - Saroj Rai
    [Tag:battle, fighting]
  • “If he wants the work done, he must get the cash out.”
    Vijay Raaz - Parabatlal Kanhaiyalal 'P.K.' Dubey
  • “- Ria Verma: I don't think you're ready for marriage.
    - Aditi Verma: I just want to settle down.
    - Ria Verma: So what do you do? Get married to some guy selected by mummy and daddy, you've barely known him for a couple of weeks!”

    Shefali Shah - Ria Verma
    Vasundhara Das - Aditi Verma
  • “Whether our parents introduce us or whether we meet in a club what difference does it make?”

    Parvin Dabas - Hemant Rai
    [Tag:meeting, parents]
  • “My darling, you have to be standing up in order to be able to fall. I mean, if you keep sitting on your ass, nothing's gonna happen.”

    Soni Razdan - Saroj Rai
    [Tag:doing, failure]