“My Father the Hero” quotes

Movie My Father the Hero
Title My Father the Hero
Year 1994
Director Steve Miner
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – André, a divorced French musician, takes his fourteen-year-old daughter Nicole, who he has not seen for a year, on vacation to the Bahamas. The relationship between the two is difficult. The girl, now a young lady, is inexplicably hostile to her father, who is concerned about her clothing and by the males that approach her. To impress young Ben, who is spending his holidays in a nearby villa, Nicole finds nothing better to do than to make up the story that her father is actually her lover who has saved her from heroin. Disgusted, Ben almost kills André while he is waterskiing and all the hotel guests, believing Nicole's story, treat him with inexplicable hatred. Only Diana, a forty-year-old woman that Nicole has introduced to her father to keep him busy, tries to conquer his heart. Ben ends up hitting André who went looking for his daughter, who had sought refuge in his home. There she makes a jealous scene with her father, who is engaged to Isabelle, because she is afraid of being put aside. Supporting his daughter's scheme, André even has to pretend to Ben that he is terminally ill and he tells imaginary adventures that actually impress the young man, who begins to see him as a hero. At this point Nicole asks her father to make a bad impression on the tennis court, on the golf court and at windsurfing in order to restore Ben's self esteem. However, Ben decides not to take Nicole away from André at least until his imminent death. Meanwhile, Nicole goes wind-surfing and cannot return to shore and both André and Ben move to rescue her. Seized with a cramp, André is saved, but Nicole screams a passionate 'Dad' while bringing him on board, thereby revealing her lies. Ben is disgusted, but with a letter and a passionate statement orchestrated by André, Nicole re-conquers him and finally finds her first love, while dad calls Isabelle promising to marry her.
All actors – Gérard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl, Dalton James, Lauren Hutton, Faith Prince, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ann Hearn, Robyn Peterson, Frank Renzulli, Manny Jacobs, Jeffrey Chea, Stephen Burrows
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