“Suburban Commando” quotes

Movie Suburban Commando
Title Suburban Commando
Year 1991
Director Burt Kennedy
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action
Plot – In his desire to become dictator of all galaxies, the evil general Suitor sequesters president Hashina aboard his spaceship and tries to make him abdicate. Shep Ramsey, a wiry intergalactic being, intervenes to foil the plan but can not prevent Hashina from being killed. Forced to stay on Earth, Ramsey parks his space capsule in an abandoned shed where it can recharge its engines and finds lodging with the Charlie Wilcox family, where Jenny, Charlie's wife, has transformed her husband's workshop into a rented room. This way she helps round out the salary of her husband, who is unable to impose himself with his boss Adrian Beltz, who exploits the undoubted qualities of the construction designer without giving him a pay rise. While handling Shep's laser-gun, Charlie destroys a wall and a few cars, inadvertently letting two space hitmen know about the presence of his alien guest, who they have been instructed to kill. Following his guest, Wilcox also discovers his space capsule and puts on his combat-suit, with which he prevents a rape but during the fight he loses a gun that temporarily freezes anyone shot with it. While Shep and Charlie try to find the gun, the two killers reach Earth and locate them in the bank where the gun has been used for a robbery. After a furious scuffle Shep has the best of it but when it is time to leave, he sees Charlie and his family coming towards him accompanied by evil Suitor. In the final fight, when the shuttle's self-destruct-system has been activated and Shep is about to succumb to Suitor, who has transformed himself into a snake-like deadly monster, Charlie overcomes fear and helps Shep to overpower the monster. The extraterrestrial can then leave with the killers' capsule and regretfully says goodbye to his terrestrial friends.
All actors – Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd, Shelley Duvall, Larry Miller, William Ball, Jo Ann Dearing, Jack Elam, Roy Dotrice, Tony Longo, Michael Faustino, Mark Calaway, Laura Mooney
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