“The Best Man” quotes

Movie The Best Man
Title The Best Man
Year 1999
Director Malcolm D. Lee
Genre Drama, Comedy
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Plot – Lance and Mia wants to get married and their best man Harper is impatient to know when his erotic novel will be published. He has based the characters on his same friends but Jordan worsens the situation as she's the bride's maid and she has a copy of the book. Harper talks to Jordan and have sex, meanwhile Lance celebrates his bachelor party with his friends, but after many drinks he annouces the marriage is canceled. Harper meets Jordan again but they argue, while Robin, Harper's girlfriend, arrives. As a last attempt, Harper tries to convince Lance to change his mind. He agrees and the marriage takes place. Harper pronounces the speech and Jordan tells him Robin is the right girl for him. In the middle of the room, he asks Robin to marry him. She accepts and everyone continues to dance.
All actors – Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa, Victoria Dillard, Regina Hall, Jim Moody, Jarrod Bunch
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  • “- Harper Stewart: Damn, Lance! That contract is fat, huh?
    - Lance Sullivan: Obese, player.”

    Taye Diggs - Harper Stewart
    Morris Chestnut - Lance Sullivan
    [Tag:money, wealth]
  • “- Shelby: Go to hell!
    - Harper Stewart: I'll probably see you there.”

    Melissa De Sousa - Shelby
    Taye Diggs - Harper Stewart
  • “- Quentin: It's just amazing how you've always analyzed everybody else's shit and then you don't do the same thing for your own self.
    - Harper Stewart: Will you chill?
    - Quentin: No, because you've done dirt too, motherfucker, and you're doing more dirt! That's right. You're fucking Jordan tonight, remember? Jordan. See, you ain't any better...” (continue)
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    Terrence Howard - Quentin
    Taye Diggs - Harper Stewart
  • “- Harper Stewart: You know what your problem is? You don't live enough for today.
    - Robin: What?
    - Harper Stewart: For once just live in the moment.
    - Robin: Harper... what are you doing?
    - Harper Stewart: At least for a little while. Robin, will you marry me? I love you.”

    Taye Diggs - Harper Stewart
    Sanaa Lathan - Robin
  • “You know, maybe if I had the luxury of getting my ass whooped, I could be calm right now. But I have been drinking tequila shots, my hormones are raging out of control, I'm emotional, I'm horny, and I don't wanna hear about no goddamn peas! Fuck you! Good night!”
    Nia Long - Jordan Armstrong
  • “I want to make love to you tonight. I feel our opportunity has presented itself again, and... I don't want to miss out on it twice.”

    Nia Long - Jordan Armstrong
  • “What we shared was as sweet and as endearing as a forehead kiss. It was what I wanted. It was what I needed. He was a gentleman, and a friend, and I will always love him for that.”

    Monica Calhoun - Mia Morgan
    [Tag:love, tenderness]
  • “- Shelby: I heard about your book, and I don't think it's cute Harper. You know, the next time you want to characterize me in one of your little projects, do me a favor.
    - Harper Stewart: What would that be, Shelby?
    - Shelby: Don't.”

    Melissa De Sousa - Shelby
    Taye Diggs - Harper Stewart
    [Tag:books, denial, privacy]
  • “Marriage is the key to promiscuity.”
    Morris Chestnut - Lance Sullivan
  • “Some things are just sacred, like between a man and a woman.”
    Morris Chestnut - Lance Sullivan