“The Champ” quotes

Movie The Champ
Franco Zeffirelli directed this movie in 1979
Title The Champ
Year 1979
Director Franco Zeffirelli
Genre Drama, Sport
Plot – Billy Flynn, the former World Boxing Champion, left the ring because he was seriously injured during his last match. His wife Annie left him as well when their son Timothy Joseph was just a baby. The ex-champion now works in a stable, he is morbidly loved by his son, but he is addicted to gambling. At a horse race, Annie sees his son again and decides to go back to him, while Billy needs the woman’s help to pay the debts, accepting to entrust Timothy Joseph to his ex-wife.
All actors – Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway, Ricky Schroder, Jack Warden, Arthur Hill, Strother Martin, Joan Blondell, Mary Jo Catlett, Elisha Cook Jr., Stefan Gierasch, Allan Miller, Joe Tornatore
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