“Endless Love” quotes

Movie Endless Love
Franco Zeffirelli directed this movie in 1981
Title Endless Love
Year 1981
Director Franco Zeffirelli
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – David and Jade are madly in love, but she's only fifteen and her father forbids them to meet. David goes jealous and sets fire to her house, then he tries to turn it off to make Jade consider him like a hero.
All actors – Brooke Shields, Martin Hewitt, Shirley Knight, Don Murray, Richard Kiley, Beatrice Straight, James Spader, Ian Ziering, Robert Moore, Penelope Milford, Jan Miner, Salem Ludwig
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  • “No one ever thinks they can forget their first love. But we can.”
    Richard Kiley - Arthur Axelrod
  • “- Jade Butterfield: What would you do if I died?
    - David Axelrod: I'd die... I'd die too.”

    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
    [Tag:death, love]
  • “- Ann Butterfield: Are we saving her for someone rich?
    - Hugh Butterfield: God damn it. That's not fair. The girl is fifteen years old. Now when is she gonna study, when is she gonna sleep?
    - Ann Butterfield: Come on. You're the one that's always saying she's sleeping too much. I know it's difficult, but aren't you happy that she has someone?...” (continue)
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    Shirley Knight - Ann Butterfield
    Don Murray - Hugh Butterfield
  • “- David Axelrod: I'll never stop loving you.
    - Jade Butterfield: You can't say that. You don't know.
    - David Axelrod: Yes, I do. I knew that from the very first. I'll never stop loving you. Never want to. You're all I care about! And me. The person I am when I'm with you.”

    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
  • “- Jade Butterfield: Do you think I'm too small on top?
    - David Axelrod: You're perfect.
    - Jade Butterfield: My eyes are too close together.
    - David Axelrod: They're perfect.
    - Jade Butterfield: When I'm wrinkled and fat, you'll stop loving me. C'est la vie.”

    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
  • “- David Axelrod: I heard you were writing again. It's great. Tell me... That story you wrote about me. Do you have a copy? I'd like to read it sometime.
    - Ann Butterfield: It isn't just about you. It's about you and Jade and me. It's about the time I saw the two of you making love.”

    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
    Shirley Knight - Ann Butterfield
  • “Of all the things I regret I did, the ones I didn't are the ones I mourn the most.”
    Shirley Knight - Ann Butterfield
    [Tag:regret, remorse]
  • “I know it's difficult to understand, but I can't make love to anybody but Jade. It's just the way I feel.”

    Martin Hewitt - David Axelrod
    [Tag:love, making love]
  • “I think that night... that night that I came down and saw you with Jade and then made love to my husband... I was making love to you.”

    Shirley Knight - Ann Butterfield
  • “You know what I keep thinking about? A night in the house. I was a little girl, and then I saw David all alone. And I don't know. I just... I wanted to go to him. Was that wrong? I wasn't a happy little girl anymore. Something changed. The first time in my life I was me.”

    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
  • “I'll tell you something. Seeing you in love reminded me of what it's like. I never thought I could believe in all this a second time.”

    Richard Kiley - Arthur Axelrod
    [Tag:love, optimism]
  • “It was a once in a lifetime thing, David. I know that! And it came in a time when we were too young to handle it. That was the terrible part.”
    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
    [Tag:experience, youth]
  • “Just because you're fucking my sister doesn't mean you're part of the family.”

    James Spader - Keith Butterfield
    [Tag:family, scorn]
  • “- Ann Butterfield: Life goes on. We change.
    - Jade Butterfield: But it hurts. It hurts so much.”

    Shirley Knight - Ann Butterfield
    Brooke Shields - Jade Butterfield
    [Tag:changing, sorrow]