“The Upside” quotes

Movie The Upside
Neil Burger directed this movie in 2017
Title The Upside
Year 2017
Director Neil Burger
Genre Drama, Comedy
All actors – Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, Aja Naomi King, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Genevieve Angelson, Golshifteh Farahani, Tate Donovan, Julianna Margulies, Suzanne Savoy, Michael Quinlan, James Georgiades, Rachel Christopher, Diego Aguirre, Fernando Mateo Jr., Kimberly S. Fairbanks, Tatiana St. Phard, Rachel Alana Handler, Ricky Garcia, J.J. Phillips, Zak Corrigan, Jayson Ward Williams, Kittson O'Neill, Brian Gallagher, Phillip Chorba, Julie Potter, Tom Schmitt, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Christine Chang, Jason Bowen, Pia Mechler, Rigoberto Garcia, Karen Christie-Ward, John David Miles, Indra A. Thomas, Mikai Anthony, Jane Moore, Madeleine Woolner, Ambur Braid, Erica Brookhyser, John Moore, Yi Li, Michael William Kondyra, Nick Greece, Rob Sporrer, , James M Adams, Adriana Alveario, Michael Antonio, Kristina Aponte, Tariq James Arthur, Gary Ayash, David Baechle, Tony Barber, Ronen Bay, Robert Benn, Kevin D. Benton, Robert Bizik, Sharonda Harris Bunton, Heather Capuano, Brant Casey, Lyman Chen, Helen Chong, David Collihan, Anthony B. Cooper, Myesha Cooper, Corinne Costa, John Crann, Katia Crivellari, Mathew Darcy, Ernest DiLullo Sr., Casey Donnelly, Mark Falvo, Dave Ferrier, Sonya Giddings, Shawn Gonzalez, Jibril Goodman, Wesley Green, Charles W Harris III, Laura Hart, Dolores Hillgrube, Angelia Holleger, Rick Irwin, Dominique Janelle, Laura Jean, Charmar Jeter, Kirk Kelly, Mark Kochanowicz, Debbie Lay, Julia Leusner, James R. Ling, Valerie Logan, Dominic Longo, Michael J. Lyons, Glen Macnow, Dennis P. Marburger, Scott Martin, Doris McCarthy, Jaclyn McHugh, Gemma McIlhenny, Laura Beth Melchiorre, Jeffrey Mowery, Kevin B. Mulligan, Damian Muziani, Chris Naples, Jeff Ost, Nekoda Phillips, Annie Pisapia, Alisha Poland, Les Price, Jon Douglas Rainey, Bryan Ramona, Chuck Rayner, Ricky Roma, Marco Rosario, Valentino Rudi, Shayna Ryan, Juan G. Sanchez, Michelle Santiago, Erin Shann, David Sheridan, Shawn Shillingford, Nancy Sokerka, Julie Stackhouse, Christopher Rex Stone, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, Nikki Corinne Thomas, Mike Timoney, Ursula Triplett, Brian Tronieri, Andre Tucker Jr., Nikee Warren, Donna White, Terron Whitsett, Carl Zingle, Derek Zuzunaga
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  • “- Philip Lacasse: Have you ever listened to opera?
    - Dell Scott: Yeah. Opera's really big in prison. You can hardly get a seat on opera night.”

    Bryan Cranston - Philip Lacasse
    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott
    [Tag:music, prison]
  • - Dell Scott: So, let's say that I wanted to start my own company that you was gonna buy for a million.
    - Philip Lacasse: I'd say, "what is your idea?".
    - Dell Scott: I don't know.
    - Philip Lacasse: What are you passionate about?
    - Dell Scott: Women, sleeping. Sleeping with women.
    - Philip Lacasse: Little difficult to monetize.
    - Dell Scott: I... (continue)
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    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott
    Bryan Cranston - Philip Lacasse
  • “- Philip Lacasse: Do you know about the DNR?
    - Dell Scott: D and what?
    - Philip Lacasse: DNR. Do not resuscitate. It's something you'll have to agree to as my carer. Do you understand what that means?
    - Dell Scott: Like, I don't have to give you mouth-to-mouth if you're choking on your kumquat?
    - Philip Lacasse: No extraordinary measures if I...” (continue)
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    Bryan Cranston - Philip Lacasse
    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott
    [Tag:choice, death]
  • “- Dell Scott: You okay, man? I mean, does something else hurt?
    - Philip Lacasse: It's my legs. It's the nerves. It's called neurogenic pain. It's like being on fire.
    - Dell Scott: They don't give you nothing for that?
    - Philip Lacasse: Different medications. It helps a bit. Not enough.
    - Dell Scott: Hurt enough to make you wanna off yourself?
    -...” (continue)
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    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott
    Bryan Cranston - Philip Lacasse
  • - Dell Scott: You see, my dad was a artist.
    - Philip Lacasse: He was?
    - Dell Scott: Con. Con artist. I ain't never see him, though. Unless you wanna count the time we spent together in lockup. We was in prison together. Sweet, right? You know what he said when he saw me, man? He said, "welcome home". Can you imagine saying some shit like that to... (continue)
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    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott
    Bryan Cranston - Philip Lacasse
    [Tag:father, prison]
  • “- Philip Lacasse: People make mistakes.
    - Dell Scott: I don't know. I've made so many.”

    Bryan Cranston - Philip Lacasse
    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott
  • “You can have any girl you want. What about this lady with all the Botox? You're perfect for each other. You can't move your body, she can't move her face.”

    Kevin Hart - Dell Scott