“The Worst Witch” quotes

Movie The Worst Witch
Title The Worst Witch
Year 1986
Director Robert Young
Genre Comedy, Musical, Family, Fantasy
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Plot – The movie tells about the adventures of a bumbling magician who wants to have success.
All actors – Diana Rigg, Charlotte Rae, Tim Curry, Fairuza Balk, Sabina Franklyn, Su Elliot, Danielle Batchelor, Anna Kipling, Kate Buckley, Leila Marr, Liz May Brice, Katrina Heath
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  • “You should be finished by now girls. A laughter potion should be made quickly, in case it's needed in an emergency.”
    Diana Rigg - Miss Constance Hardbroom
  • “My mother always wanted to be a witch. But she didn't have the gift. It's not that I want to be the best. I'm just so tired of being the worst.”
    Fairuza Balk - Mildred Hubble
  • “- Mildred Hubble: I made the wrong potion.
    - Miss Cackle, Agatha: And?
    - Mildred Hubble: Instead of laughing... I disappeared.
    - Miss Cackle, Agatha: Oh dear, Mildred. Oh, dear, dear, dear. You must be the worst witch in the entire school. My words seem to go in one ear and out the other.”

    Fairuza Balk - Mildred Hubble
    Charlotte Rae - Miss Cackle
    [Tag:magic, mistake, scorn]
  • “- Maud Warlock: Go to sleep, Mildred.
    - Mildred Hubble: I can't.
    - Maud Warlock: Why not?
    - Mildred Hubble: I'm afraid of the dark.”

    Danielle Batchelor - Maud Warlock
    Fairuza Balk - Mildred Hubble
    [Tag:darkness, fear]
  • “- Ethel Hallow: You sure you know how to play Terror Tag?
    - Mildred Hubble: Everyone knows how to play Terror Tag.
    - Ethel Hallow: You're not everyone.”

    Anna Kipling - Ethel Hallow
    Fairuza Balk - Mildred Hubble
    [Tag:ability, playing]
  • “I've been quite hard on you, Mildred. But I wouldn't have troubled if I hadn't always thought you had potential.”
    Diana Rigg - Miss Constance Hardbroom
  • “- Mildred Hubble: Don't you ever worry that you're just not cut out to be a witch?
    - Maud Warlock: Oh, no. My family were all witches. I never doubted for a moment that I'd be one too. Stop worrying, it only makes things worse.”

    Fairuza Balk - Mildred Hubble
    Danielle Batchelor - Maud Warlock
  • “Donna's arrived. She'll be a hundred and thirty six next month and she still acts like a teenager.”
    Charlotte Rae - Miss Cackle
  • “A true witch isn't always one who comes out on top of the tests. A true witch has witchcraft in her at all times, and this is what you have, Mildred Hubble.”
    Tim Curry - The Grand Wizard
    [Tag:ability, witches]