“Trial and Error” quotes

Movie Trial and Error
Jonathan Lynn directed this movie in 1997
Title Trial and Error
Year 1997
Director Jonathan Lynn
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Charlie Tuttle is a young lawyer who sacrifices his own happiness for his career. He must marry the boss' daughter, a woman he isn't in love with. His future father-in-law sends him in a small and remote village to settle a family matter. Richard, a dilapidated actor perpetually in search of work, organizes a stag party and decides to celebrate it away. Just a single night out celebrating will be enough for Charlie to ask Richard to replace him during a judicial hearing next day. Charlie is then forced to abandon his career but in return he falls in love with a young bartender.
All actors – Michael Richards, Jeff Daniels, Charlize Theron, Jessica Steen, Austin Pendleton, Rip Torn, Alexandra Wentworth, Jennifer Coolidge, Lawrence Pressman, Dale Dye, Max Casella, McNally Sagal
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  • “We all keep a little bit of ourselves hidden. Cuz if we didn't, well, then we'd have to look at who we are. Who we really are. And if we didn't like it, well, we'd have nobody to blame but ourselves.”
    Michael Richards - Richard Rietti
  • “My kindergarten teacher. I was four. She said I was too advanced for my class, and so they skipped a grade. I didn't want to be skipped, but everybody acted like I was so special. Then pretty soon I working even harder to get skipped all over again. And that, my friend, is how you end up in the junkyard.”
    Jeff Daniels - Charles Tuttle
  • “- Charles Tuttle: I don't pose, I don't preen, I don't put perjured testimony on the stand. I don't make a mockery of the American legal system.
    - Richard Rietti: Well, you have your style, and I got mine.”

    Jeff Daniels - Charles Tuttle
    Michael Richards - Richard Rietti