“Turbulence” quotes

Movie Turbulence
Title Turbulence
Year 1997
Director Robert Butler
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – A Boeing 747 leaves New York for Los Angeles on December 24 with a few people on board, but there is an unusual group of travelers: four federal agents accompany two handcuffed criminals, serial killer Ryan, who is facing a death sentence, and ruthless robber Stubbs. When the plane is flying, Stubbs, who is determined to break free, kills an agent and sets off a shooting in which he himself is killed along with the pilots. Ryan is now free and armed, he locks up the rest of the crew and the few passengers in a cabin and goes looking for Teri, a hostess who he had set his eyes on when boarded. A duel with no holds barred begins between Ryan and Teri, in which the gangster tries to terrorize the girl physically and psychologically, and she, frightened at first, then finds the courage to confront him and make the weakness of his personality come out. Ryan finally succumbs and Teri, guided by the control tower, manages to land the Boeing in Los Angeles and to bring the other passengers safely to their destination.
All actors – Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly, Brendan Gleeson, Hector Elizondo, Rachel Ticotin, Jeffrey DeMunn, John Finn, Ben Cross, Catherine Hicks, Heidi Kling, Gordy Owens, J. Kenneth Campbell
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  • - Ryan Weaver: Are you married?
    - Marshal Marty Douglas: Yeah, but I don't wear rings. I don't like jewelry.
    - Ryan Weaver: You don't have to defend yourself to me. Was that a tough sell to your wife? The "I don't like wearing jewelry" bit?
    - Marshal Marty Douglas: Weaver, I know you'd like to entertain yourself by engaging me in a challenging... (continue)
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    Ray Liotta - Ryan Weaver
    Michael Harney - Marshall Marty Douglas
  • Here's who you're dealing with: male Caucasian, 35, well educated, raised by his aunt who mysteriously disappeared when he was 16, has raped and strangled five women, escaped when being transported to San Quentin.”

    Héctor Elizondo - Lt. Aldo Hines
    [Tag:escape, murder, rape]
  • “- Betty: I dated a criminal once.
    - Teri Halloran: Only once?
    - Betty: He owned a used car lot. They busted him for turning back the odometers.
    - Teri Halloran: How could you trust someone like that?
    - Betty: I figured I did the same thing when I told him I was 21.”

    Heidi Kling - Betty
    Lauren Holly - Teri Halloran
    [Tag:lies, trust]
  • “- FBI Agent Frank Sinclair: How's a fucking stewardess going to land the plane?
    - Rachel Taper: She's a flight attendant!”

    John Finn - FBI Agent Frank Sinclair
    Rachel Ticotin - Rachel Taper
    [Tag:ability, flying]
  • “- Ryan Weaver: You're not going to kill me. You can't kill me, 'cause you don't believe in capital punishment.
    - Teri Halloran: I changed my mind!”

    Ray Liotta - Ryan Weaver
    Lauren Holly - Teri Halloran
  • “You are a convicted inmate on death row. What five albums would you pick?”
    Ray Liotta - Ryan Weaver
    [Tag:choice, music, prison]