“Waking Up in Reno” quotes

Movie Waking Up in Reno
Title Waking Up in Reno
Year 2002
Director Jordan Brady
Genre Comedy, Romance
All actors – Natasha Richardson, Holmes Osborne, Billy Bob Thornton, Patrick Swayze, Charlize Theron, Billy O'Sullivan, Galvin Chapman, Kelsey Chapman, Cleo King, Chelcie Ross, Brent Briscoe, Mark Fauser
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  • “Rise and shine! 2:15, breakfast time. Up up up, gentlemen. Come on, out of bed sleepy head. Good morning, good morning. Rise and shine, feet on the floor. Good morning, men. Wakey wakey, hand off snakey.”
    David Koechner - Bell Hop
  • “You've got the world by its balls and you don't even know it!”
    Charlize Theron - Candy Kirkendall
  • “Relationships can be a lot like a loaf of bread. At the beginning they're hot and fresh and you can always get a rise. But with time, if you don't knead them carefully, they grow old and stale. Now I know that life ain't no Easy Bake Oven. With the kids and my husband's job, it's almost as if we've forgotten to add the yeast.”
    Natasha Richardson - Darlene Dodd
  • “- Lonnie Earl III: I ain't goin' to no shrink bitch Dr. Ruth woman that's gonna make us sit there and charge me an arm and a leg and a nut to say the shit that we can say to each each right here now.
    - Darlene Dodd: But she might not let you say something like you just said!
    - Lonnie Earl III: What'd I say?
    - Darlene Dodd: Well, if you can't...” (continue)
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    Billy O'Sullivan - Lonnie Earl III
    Natasha Richardson - Darlene Dodd
  • “- Darlene Dodd: Damn it, this is the one thing I wanted to do on this trip. I told you I wanted to see it since 2nd grade when Miss Beechner told us about it. She said everyone thought God rested on the 7th day, but really He was working on his hobby carving the Grand Canyon.
    - Lonnie Earl III: Well, that's sweet, but uh, if you remember, Mrs....” (continue)
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    Natasha Richardson - Darlene Dodd
    Billy O'Sullivan - Lonnie Earl III
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  • “Darlene and Roy have to sleep together. It'll make it even. It's like a dealer trade-in.”
    Billy Bob Thornton - Lonnie Earl Dodd
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  • “You're like a mole. And I'm not talking about that thing on Cindy Crawford's face.”
    Charlize Theron - Candy Kirkendall
  • “- Candy Kirkendall: What do you mean you don't take bubble baths?
    - Darlene Dodd: 'Cuz my pooter infection stings worse than a swarm of bees.”

    Charlize Theron - Candy Kirkendall
    Natasha Richardson - Darlene Dodd