Touchiness quotes

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  • “You Russians think of yourselves as poets, but perhaps you're just touchy.”

    Chris Pine - Jack Ryan
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  • “- Laura: Don't take it personally.
    - Tony Manero: I've got to. There's no one else in the room!”

    Finola Hughes - Laura
    John Travolta - Tony Manero
  • “- Jeff Blue: You know that looks really great on TV, but in real life you get better results if you just kind of hold it like this and...
    - Muerte: Shut up! Shut up!!
    - Jeff Blue: Do you always have this much problem with a little constructive criticism?”

    Dennis Quaid - Jeff Blue
    Stanley Tucci - Muerte
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  • “- Goldar: We got them now, boss.
    - Ivan Ooze: Touch me again, you'll be chicken wings in the morning.”

    Kerry Casey - Goldar
    Paul Freeman - Ivan Ooze
  • - Fred: "Yankee" and "gringo" are obviously pejorative, but it's the standard dictionary term that's the most insulting of all. "Estadunidense". Dense. D-E-N-S-E. It's the same spelling. Dense: thick, stupid. Every time you hear it. Estadunidense-dense-dense. It's like a direct slap in the face. It's incredible.
    - Montserrat: I think you are too... (continue)
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    Chris Eigeman - Fred Boynton
    Tushka Bergen - Montserrat Raventos
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  • - Henry "Hank" Giles, III: What's the deal, Billy? Are you trying to tell me my breath stinks?
    - William "Billy" Tepper: I wasn't saying your breath stinks. Why do you take everything so personally? Damn, Hank.

    T.E. Russell - Hank Giles
    Sean Astin - Billy Tepper
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  • “- Motorcycle Cop: I like your stuff, Mister Osterman. Only sometimes I think you tend to be a little strident, ya know.
    - Bernard Osterman: Strident? Are you giving me a ticket for strident writing, are you? That means the death penalty for Beverly Hills parking violations is coming back too?
    - Motorcycle Cop: Have a nice day.
    - Bernard Osterman...” (continue)
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    Tim Thomerson - Motorcycle Cop
    Craig T. Nelson - Bernard Osterman
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  • “- Flan Kittredge: Having a rich friend is like drowning and your friend makes lifeboats.
    - Ouisa Kittredge: Only your friend gets very touchy if you say one word: lifeboat.”

    Donald Sutherland - Flan
    Stockard Channing - Ouisa
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