“Six Degrees of Separation” quotes

Movie Six Degrees of Separation
Title Six Degrees of Separation
Year 1993
Director Fred Schepisi
Genre Drama, Comedy, Mystery
Plot – Paul is a handsome young black man who interrupts Ouisa and Flan Kittredge's evening showing up at their luxurious apartment in New York. He declares he's a college mate of their sons and the Kittredges invite him to stay for the night. The next morning, Ouisa discovers Paul in bed with a white guy and expels him from the house. The Kittredges talk to their friends about Paul and discover even Kitty and Larkin have received his visit. Dr. Fine has even sold Paul his entire chalet. The group of friends begins to investigate then and one of their former college mate, Trent Conway, tells them he has lived with a certain Paul for three months. He has taught him good manners and has given him his wealthy friends' addresses, so now Paul is pretending he's Flan illegitimate son and he's hosted by a hippie couple he has met in Central Park, Elizabeth and Rick. Police is seeking him everywhere and wandering through the city's traffic, Paul is mortally hit.
All actors – Stockard Channing, Will Smith, Donald Sutherland, Ian McKellen, Mary Beth Hurt, Bruce Davison, Richard Masur, Anthony Michael Hall, Heather Graham, Eric Thal, Anthony Rapp, Oz Perkins
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