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6/19/14 at 11:26 AM
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  • “When I get to Paul Allen's place, I use the keys I took from his pocket. There is a moment of sheer panic when I realize that Paul's apartment overlooks the park and is obviously more expensive than mine.”
    Christian Bale - Patrick Bateman
    [Tag:fear, house]
  • “- Brenda: Chris I'm begging you, it's really scary here. I've just seen three people shoot up, a bald Chinese lady with no pants on, and there's this old guy outside who wants his bedroom slippers!
    - Old Man: [banging on telephone booth] Get out of my house!
    - Brenda: [kicks out a small box and the guy's slippers] You just moved!”

    Penelope Ann Miller - Brenda
    John Dee - Old Man
    [Tag:fear, house, telephone]
  • “- Norman Spencer: Hi, honey. What's going on? What are you doing here? Are you okay?
    - Claire Spencer: I... I... I heard noises. I didn't want to disturb you.
    - Norman Spencer: What kind of noises? Where?
    - Claire Spencer: At the house. I was scared.”

    Harrison Ford - Norman Spencer
    Michelle Pfeiffer - Claire Spencer
    [Tag:fear, house, noise]
  • “- Christie: You have a really nice place here, Paul. How much did you pay for it?
    - Patrick Bateman: Well, actually, that's none of your business, Christie. But I can assure you, it certainly wasn't cheap.”

    Cara Seymour - Christie
    Christian Bale - Patrick Bateman
    [Tag:house, money]
  • “- Alex: Wow, what a house!
    - Jack Butler: Yeah, probably mortgaged to the eyeballs.
    - Caroline: Not this one, his great grandfather - Commander Richardson - built it.
    - Jack Butler: Eh... hand me down.”

    Fred Koehler - Alex
    Michael Keaton - Jack
    Teri Garr - Caroline
    [Tag:house, money]