• “- Annella Perlman: [Reading from The Heptaméron] A handsome young knight is madly in love with a princess, and she too is in love with him, though she seems not to be entirely aware of it. Despite the friendship that blossoms between them, or perhaps because of that very friendship, the young knight finds himself so humbled and speechless that he is totally unable to bring up the subject of his love. Until one day he asks the princess point-blank: Is it better to speak or to die?
    - Elio: I'll never have the courage to ask a question like that.
    - Mr. Perlman: I doubt that. Hey, Elly-Belly. You do know that you can always talk to us?”

    Amira Casar - Annella Perlman
    Timothée Chalamet - Elio
    Michael Stuhlbarg - Mr. Perlman
Quote details Movie (Call Me by Your Name)

1/4/18 at 10:31 AM
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