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8/25/15 at 11:56 AM
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  • I remember I fell in love with this girl in Prague. She was beautiful. She looked like Carol Lombard. She grabbed me in the alley behind my church, she pressed me up against the wall, she kissed me. I was so happy I thought I would die, I felt like Richard Chamberlain in "The Thorn Birds", you know with Meggie in the attic.
    Milos Forman - Father Havel
  • “Having fun together, getting a kick out of simple little things, out of beauty like this. Sharing confidences we wouldn't share with anybody else in all the world. Won't you be honest and tell me if you are happy too? Since the night on the boat when you told me about your illness, I can't get you out of my mind - or out of my heart either.”

    Paul Henreid - Jerry Durrance
  • “- Kit: I smell something. D'you smell something?
    - Paula: Oh! Oh, Tripp and I had crab today.
    - Kit: No, that's not it. I smell... fun.
    - Paula: What?
    - Kit: You are a dirty little fun-haver.”

    Zooey Deschanel - Kit
    Sarah Jessica Parker - Paula
  • “- Eve: In the first place I do not fall in love with weirdos who I've only known for four or five days!
    - Troy: Yes you do.
    - Eve: And I don't fall in love with grown men who collect baseball cards!
    - Troy: Yes you do.”

    Alicia Silverstone - Eve
    Dave Foley - Troy
  • “- Hal: Let me ask you something. Who is the all-time love of your life?
    - Mauricio: [ponders] Wonder Woman.
    - Hal: Okay... let's say Wonder Woman falls in love with you. And everyone else in the world didn't find her attractive.
    - Mauricio: It wouldn't matter. Because I know they'd be wrong.”

    Jack Black - Hal
    Jason Alexander - Mauricio