• “- Craig Jones: [beaten up Moly walks in Barbeque restaurant] Daaaamn!
    - Day-Day: [imitating Moly] Someone call 9-1-1
    - Mr. Jones: Moly... you got knocked the fuck out!
    - Moly: Oh, good observation, buddy.
    - Moly: Where were you buddies, huh?
    - Craig Jones: We was on our lunch break.
    - Day-Day: Trying to get something to eat, so we can secure this nasty-ass lot.
    - Moly: Good, good, good... you were eating while I was getting beating.
    - Day-Day: Looks like somebody beat the bricks off your motherfucking ass.
    - Moly: You are supposed to be a security guard, buddy, no? ”

    Day-Day and Craig avoided a beating by running from their work place as security guards

    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    Mike Epps - Day-Day
    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
    Maz Jobrani - Moly
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7/12/08 at 3:12 PM
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