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  • “At sixteen, I've seen more bodies than a mortician. Every time I step out my door I face the risk of being shot. To the rest of the world it's just another dead body on a street corner. They don't know that he was my friend.”
    Deance Wyatt - Jamal Hill
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  • “You cannot lynch me and keep me in ghettos without becoming something monstrous yourselves. And furthermore, you give me a terrifying advantage. You never had to look at me. I had to look at you. I know more about you than you know about me.”
    James Baldwin - Self
    [Tag:ghetto, racism]
  • “- Lookout: What's up man, you po-po nigga, what's up.
    - Jeff Cole: I'm no fucking po-po.”

    K.C. Collins - Lookout
    Omar Epps - Jeff Cole
    [Tag:ghetto, law enforcement, police]
  • “You know what, Winnie? I've learned that a lot of talented people come out of the ghetto.”
    Rihanna - Herself
    [Tag:ghetto, talent]
  • “- Money Mike: Speaking of which, where was yo antennas when them niggas was tryin' to rob me?!
    - Woman: I'm sorry.
    - Money Mike: Don't be sorry hoe, be careful! I am tired of your presence, dismissed!”

    Katt Williams - Money Mike
    [Tag:boredom, ghetto, manhood]
  • “As you can see, I got my black ass back in the ghetto: the only place you can get robbed by Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.”
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    [Tag:christmas, ghetto, poverty]
  • “This is bullshit. I'm stuck between a pimp and a hard place. Donna, man down! Eleven thirty: pimp in distress!”

    Katt Williams - Money Mike
    [Tag:ghetto, police]
  • “Y'all look good in y'all little tight-ass rent-a-cop outfits. Merry Christmas, niggettes.”
    Terry Crews - Damon
    [Tag:ghetto, manhood]
  • “When I look out in the world I don't see nobody that looks like me with their pockets full unless they're rapping a lyrics or dribbling a ball.”
    Jason Finn - Marcus
    [Tag:fighting, ghetto, school]
  • “- Craig Jones: [beaten up Moly walks in Barbeque restaurant] Daaaamn!
    - Day-Day: [imitating Moly] Someone call 9-1-1
    - Mr. Jones: Moly... you got knocked the fuck out!
    - Moly: Oh, good observation, buddy.
    - Moly: Where were you buddies, huh?
    - Craig Jones: We was on our lunch break.
    - Day-Day: Trying to get something to eat, so we can secure...” (continue)
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    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    Mike Epps - Day-Day
    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
    Maz Jobrani - Moly
    [Tag:fighting, ghetto, working]
  • “- Sean: You a long way from the beach now, punk! We in South Central! The ghetto! The projects!
    - Sean: We run hardcore up in here. People get killed here errrrrrry day!
    - PJ: [throws up signs] yay yaaaaayyyyy!
    - Sandy: Shondra, can you come over later? Princess just had puppies.
    - Shondra: [sweetly] Okay, Sandy. Bye.
    - PJ: [after B-Rad gives...” (continue)
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    Taye Diggs - Sean
    Anthony Anderson - PJ
    Ecco Morgan - Sandy
    Regina Hall - Shondra
    [Tag:acting, ghetto, lies]
  • “- Brad: Yo, fool! We got some hard-core drama 'bout to go down right neow!!
    - Hadji: Dat's right!
    - Brad: Dis is our mall. Always was and always will be!
    - Mocha: Woof woof!
    - Old woman cashier: Oh, Mr. Amiraslani. I'm so glad you came back. Our clerk accidentally gave you the wrong aromatherapy candles. Here you go.
    - Brad: You better be...” (continue)
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    Jamie Kennedy - Brad 'B-Rad' Gluckman
    Kal Penn - Hadji
    Nick Swardson - Mocha
    [Tag:friendship, ghetto, sarcasm]
  • “- Korean Mother : L to the I to the N to the G....Ling Ling, you forgot yo bling bling!
    - Keecia: Mum, why do you always have to embarrass me like this?
    - Korean Mother: I'm just tryna meet you half way Ling Ling. Nigga preese!?
    - Keecia: Mum!
    - Venetia & Sissy: If you don't want her, I'll have her. My mum don't go out buying me no bling...” (continue)
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    Jodi Long - Korean Mother
    Maritza Murray - Keecia
    Tia Mowry-Hardrict - Venetia
    Tamera Mowry-Housley - Sissy
    [Tag:ghetto, mother, shame]
  • “Yo dude! You obviously in the wrong hood. This is my dominion, and it's a drug free zone. You understand? Now I'm feelin' generous today. So I'm gonna let you get your sorry vanilla booty out of here before we be usin' your eyeballs as hockey pucks!”
    Brandon Quintin Adams - Jesse Hall
    [Tag:ghetto, humor, threat]