• “- Dinger: No, no keep going. Now, gimme more than that.
    - Bobby Keller: I'm flunking every grade in school.
    - Dinger: Marvelous, so am I.
    - Bobby Keller: Penniless.
    - Dinger: Gimme something better than that.
    - Bobby Keller: Okay, uh... my parents don't even talk to me.
    - Dinger: Yeah, well at least your mom didn't run over your leg in her Volvo, right? Mine did.
    - Bobby Keller: Yeah, but see my mom doesn't go into spasticated seizures every once and again.
    - Dinger: That's rude, mister.”

    Corey Haim - Dinger
    Corey Feldman - Bobby Keller
Quote details Movie (Dream a Little Dream)

9/29/17 at 11:03 PM
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