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4/25/12 at 10:56 PM
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  • “There are no bad crews, only badleaders.”
    Viggo Mortensen - Master Chief John James Urgayle
    [Tag:leader, soldiers]
  • “I ain't much about no prayin', now. I ain't never had no family, and... killed off my mama. Well, I just... y'all's the onliest family I got. I love the 54th. Ain't even much a matter what happens tomorrow, 'cause we men, ain't we?”

    Denzel Washington - Pvt. Trip
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  • “- Sgt. Maj. Mulcahy: Left! Right! Left! [to Pvt. Jupiter Sharts] What the hell are you doing, boy? Don't you know your right from your left?
    - Pvt. Jupiter Sharts: N-n-no, sah.
    - Sgt. Maj. Mulcahy: No? How many here do not know right from left? [half a dozen hands are raised. Mutters] Jesus have pity.”

    John Finn - Sgt. Maj. Mulcahy
    Jihmi Kennedy - Pvt. Jupiter Sharts
  • “- Sergeant JT Sanborn: Welcome to Bravo Company. Welcome to Camp Victory.
    - Staff Sergeant William James: Ah, Camp Victory? I thought this was Camp Liberty.
    - Sergeant JT Sanborn: Ah, no, they changed that about a week ago. 'Victory' sound' better.”

    Anthony Mackie - Sergeant JT Sanborn
    Jeremy Renner - Staff Sergeant William James
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  • “- Alpa Chino - Hot LZ: Yeah... but those dudes was trained soldiers.
    - Kirk Lazarus: [cocks unloaded pistol] Yeah! And we trained actors, mothafucka! Time to man up. And I ain't gonna sugarcoat. Some of us might not even make it back.
    - Jeff Portnoy - Hot LZ: What do you mean? Like, not on the same flight?”

    Brandon T. Jackson - Alpa Chino - Hot LZ
    Robert Downey Jr. - Kirk Lazarus
    Jack Black - Jeff Portnoy - Hot LZ