• - Ishmael: Mr. Munson, you all right?
    - Roy: Ish, uh, what happened in there?
    - Ishmael: Well, I don't know. Um, I thought I played pretty good. Uh, he's just a little better than me, that's all.
    - Roy: Pretty good, huh? 186. You lost to a club player! What - that's not supposed to happen! You're carrying a 270 average!
    - Ishmael: Wh-wh-wh-what do you expect? I mean, you guys with your 10 frames.
    - Roy: What do you mean, "you guys with your 10 frames"?
    - Ishmael: Well, my grandpa always taught me to bowl 15 frames. It's like I told you before, we Amish, we do everything half again as hard as you do. Ten frames. [scoffs] That's for Quakers.

    after losing a game

    Randy Quaid - Ishmael
    Woody Harrelson - Roy Munson
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2/9/12 at 8:32 PM
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