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8/5/13 at 9:03 AM
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  • “- Jan: They don't go, we win; once again, we're the best.
    - Torrance Shipman: I define being the best as competing against the best there is out there and beating them. They have to go.”

    Nathan West - Jan
    Kirsten Dunst - Torrance Shipman
  • “- Arthur: Move aside!
    - Lancelot: I will not. You must retreat, or prove your worth in the test of arms under the eyes of God.
    - Arthur: Then may He give me the strength to unhorse you. And send you with one blow, back across the sea.
    - Lancelot: Then come across, sir.”

    Nigel Terry - King Arthur
    Nicholas Clay - Lancelot
  • “- Jimmy: I never realized.
    - Kevin: Never realized what?
    - Jimmy: You're a rocker.
    - Kevin: What, am I black or something?
    - Jimmy: Well you ain't exactly white in that sort of get up, are you?”

    Phil Daniels - Jimmy
    Ray Winstone - Kevin
  • “People always think of us as rivals but he was among the very few I liked and even fewer that I respected. He remains the only person I envied.”

    Daniel Brühl - Niki Lauda
    [Tag:envy, respect, rivalry]
  • “The woman is mine! Now we're both members of the animal kingdom. You know that and I know that. And we both know that this thing is really primal. So if you think you're such a badass you just try that one more time and you're gonna end up in a pet cemetary!”

    Jim Belushi - Dooley
    [Tag:dogs, rivalry, women]