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9/26/16 at 9:19 AM
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  • “As the Japanese servants cleared away the remnants of Swift's gourmet meal, he and the girl exchanged sparkling repartee. His turn of phrase clearly had her entranced.”

    Tom Selleck - Phil Blackwood
  • “- Megs: I bet we would have had a horrible time at the goddamn prom.
    - Martha: We would have left early.
    - Megs: We would have gone some place fancy for dinner.
    - Martha: No, I doubt we would have been hungry.
    - Megs: Maybe we would have driven some place. Some place quiet. Parked. Then - who knows.
    - Martha: Who knows.”

    Robert De Niro - Megs
    Kathy Baker - Martha
  • “- Laurie Rorbach: Are you following me?
    - Joe Slovak: Well, I have to you see. I've told everybody I know we're dating. So, you see I have to be seen with you outside of class or they'll think I'm lying.”

    Daphne Zuniga - Laurie Rorbach
    Matthew Modine - Joe Slovak
    [Tag:date, lying]
  • “- Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher: It's a championship Laker watch.
    - Cindy Mae: Oh, are you a Laker?
    - Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher: I used to date one - only thing I have to remember him by.”

    Chevy Chase - Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher
    Constance Shulman - Cindy Mae
  • “- Candy Pink: Okay you guys, what's the plan for tonight?
    - Valerie: Whoa, Candy, reality check. We can't go out with these guys, they're aliens!
    - Candy Pink: So? They can still be dates!”

    Julie Brown - Candy Pink
    Geena Davis - Valerie
    [Tag:alien, date]