“102 Dalmatians” quotes

Movie 102 Dalmatians
Title 102 Dalmatians
Year 2000
Director Kevin Lima
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family
Plot – After three years Cruella De Vil is a new person and she wants to be called Delia. She makes everybody think she will never deal with furs again, but Chloe, the official in charge to watch over her and a great dogs lover, doesn't believe her. In fact Delia buys a big dog shelter which is closing and she's working with Jean Pierre, a French fur designer, to prepare a new parade of furs. Helped by his trusty dogs and a parrot called Garibaldi, Kevin tries to save the puppies and, after pursuits and flights, Cruella is trapped. Kevin and Chloe now live their love story surrounded by several puppies.
All actors – Glenn Close, Gérard Depardieu, Ioan Gruffudd, Alice Evans, Tim McInnerny, Eric Idle, Ben Crompton, Carol MacReady, Ian Richardson, Jim Carter, Ron Cook, Timothy West
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