“Airborne” quotes

Movie Airborne
Title Airborne
Year 1993
Director Rob Bowman
Genre Comedy, Sport, Adventure
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Plot – Mitchell is a typical Californian boy: handsome, blonde, really nice and in love with the beach, shoes and surfing. When his parents say that they will go to Australia for six months and that he will have to live in Pittsburgh with his eccentric Aunt Irene, Uncle Louie and cousin Wiley, Mitchell feels like he is going to die. It's not possible to surf in Pittsburgh. As much as Wiley, with his baggy clothes and his neurotic ways, is not exactly a popular type among his classmates at Central High, it is Mitchell, although handsome and peaceful, who incurs the hatred of Jack Snake and the other bullies on the hockey team. The situation worsens because all the girls including Alexis, Jack's girlfriend, think Mitchell is a stunner. Mitchell, however, has no intention of getting into trouble. Soon, however, Mitchell's non-violent philosophy is tested. Having ruined the hockey match between Central High and the Preps, the “upper-class” rivals from Ridgepoint Academy, Mitchell and Wiley get beaten up and become the target of a series of terrible pranks. Upset, Mitchell goes home, takes his Rollerblades and starts skating to vent his frustration. His mad dash through the streets puts the whole neighbourhood in turmoil.
All actors – Shane McDermott, Seth Green, Brittney Powell, Chris Conrad, Edie McClurg, Patrick Thomas O'Brien, Jack Black, Alanna Ubach, Jacob Vargas, Owen Stadele, Chris Edwards, Daniel Betances
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  • - Mitchell Goosen: Popeye, now there was a great man. Do you know why?
    - Wiley: He never joined the Hairclub For Men?
    - Mitchell Goosen: Wrong. Because his motto was: “I am what I am”. Do you think Popeye ever worried about what he wore just so he could get Olive Oil in the sack? I should say not, Dude. And do you know why?
    - Wiley: He was... (continue)
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    Shane McDermott - Mitchell Goosen
    Seth Green - Wiley
  • “How often does this once-in-a-lifetime wave come along?”
    Shane McDermott - Mitchell Goosen
    [Tag:carpe diem]
  • “- Mitchell Goosen: [to Jack] Chill Bra.
    - Augie: Did he just call you a piece of underwear?”

    Shane McDermott - Mitchell Goosen
    Jack Black - Augie
  • My name's Snake. I don't like speech. I never even signed up for it. And I ain't got no hobbies, unless you call collecting-knives-and-putting-tattoos-across-the-foreheads-of-guys-I-don’t-like “hobbies”.
    Jacob Vargas - Snake
    [Tag:job, weapons]
  • “Don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Don't care. Just as long as I live near the beach and don't have to wear a tie. Then I'll be stylin’.”
    Shane McDermott - Mitchell Goosen
    [Tag:formality, growth, sea]