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Movie Alive
Title Alive
Year 1993
Director Frank Marshall
Genre Drama, Thriller, Biography, Adventure
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Plot – On October 13 1972, a passenger plane is flying from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Chile when it crashes into a snowy area in the Andes. During strong turbulence, the plane loses first one wing, when it hits a mountain side, and then the other. Passengers and torn seats are sucked out of the cabin, which lands on the snowy slopes of the Tinguiririca volcano. Early hopes of being found and saved quickly disappear and, left in the dreadful cold, the survivors must get busy making makeshift clothes, using the seat covers and some tools, recovered ropes or gizmos. They also have to help the many passengers injured with head fractures and broken bones, while some others die from their injuries. The exhausting attempt to go looking for batteries to operate the radio on board fails, as the batteries are in the plane's left wing which fell among the rocks of distant peaks. Everyone pitches in, but Nando Parrado, Roberto Canessa and Antonio Balbi, who are member of a rugby team that was flying back to Chile, lead the group and foster their hope. In the evening, badly sheltered from the cold in the cabin, everyone prays. Then they are forced to make the excruciating decision to feed on the bodies of the dead. Then Nando and Roberto, equipped with what they can carry, take the risky and courageous decision to cross the Andes to seek help. They reach Chile on December 23 and from there they return to the mountain with two helicopters to save those still alive.
All actors – Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano, Josh Hamilton, Bruce Ramsay, John Newton, David Kriegel, Kevin Breznahan, Sam Behrens, Illeana Douglas, Jack Noseworthy, Christian J. Meoli, Jake Carpenter
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