“Joan of Arc” quotes

Movie Joan of Arc
Luc Besson directed this movie in 1999
Title Joan of Arc
Year 1999
Director Luc Besson
Genre Drama, History, War, Biography, Adventure
Plot – Joan of Arc is the second child of a modest farmers' family. She was born in Domrémy, a French village, in 1412. This is a though time for the country as part of the nation is under the British domination after the Hundred Years War. Domrémy's area is upset particularly by the civil war between Armagnacs and Burgundians, who both aim to control Orléans, a city on the banks of the Loire. Once she's 17, she is received by Charles VIII, heir to the throne of France, and obtains the command of the army. After many bloody clashes, her soldiers win over the British at Orleans. The following year, king Charles VIII chooses diplomacy rather than war and Joan is imprisoned and sold to the British enemy. She's 19 when she's accused of witchcraft, processed and burned alive. Twenty-five years later, Joan of Arc is declared innocent and in 1920 she's proclaimed Saint by Pope Benedict XV.
All actors – Rab Affleck, Stéphane Algoud, Edwin Apps, David Bailie, David Barber, Christian Barbier, Timothy Bateson, David Begg, Christian Bergner, Andrew Birkin, Dominic Borrelli, John Boswall, Matthew Bowyer, Paul Brooke, Bruce Byron, Vincent Cassel, Charles Cork, Patrice Cossoneau, Tony D'Amario, Daniel Daujon, Tonio Descanvelle, Philippe du Janerand, Faye Dunaway, Sissi Duparc, Barbara Elbourn, Christian Erickson, Tara Flanagan, Bruno Flender, Serge Fournier, David Gant, Sid Golder, Jessica Goldman, Framboise Gommendy, Robert Goodman, Jean-Pierre Gos, Joanne Greenwood, Pascal Greggory, Bernard Grenet, Valerie Griffiths, Timothee Grimblat, Richard Guille, Thierry Guilmard, Jerome Hankins, Desmond Harrington, Jacques Herlin, Len Hibberd, Dustin Hoffman, Didier Hoarau, Vera Jakob, Michael Jenn, Toby Jones, Milla Jovovich, Tchéky Karyo, Gérard Krawczyk, Richard Leaf, Franck Lebreton, Joseph Malerba, John Malkovich, Dominique Marcas, Eric Mariotto, René Marquant, Carl McCrystal, Gina McKee, Phil McKee, Simon Meacock, John Merrick, Joseph O'Conor, Quentin Ogier, Kevin O'Neill, Mélanie Page, Brian Pettifer, Philip Philmar, Enee Piat, Irving Pompepui, Brian Poyser, Olivier Rabourdin, Vincent Regan, René Remblier, Joseph Rezwin, Ralph Riach, Mark Richards, Richard Ridings, Malcolm Rogers, Tara Römer, Julie-Anne Roth, Olga Sékulic, Joe Sheridan, Eric Tonetto, Vincent Tulli, Jane Valentine, Jemima West, Tat Whalley, Peter Whitfield, Timothy West, Frédéric Witta, Matthew Géczy, Romain Protat
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  • “Never look behind, only ahead.”
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
  • “Personally, I don't believe in God. I don't believe in the Devil either. Perhaps that is why I am never disappointed.”

    Michael Jenn - The Duke of Burgundy
    [Tag:belief, devil, god]
  • “This morning God gave us a great victory, but it is nothing compared to what He is ready to give us now. I know you are all tired and hungry, but I swear to you that even if these English were hanging from the clouds by their fingertips we would pull them down before nightfall. Now let all those who love me... follow me!”

    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
  • “- La Hire: I swear those Goddamned bloody English will pay for this.
    - Joan of Arc: They will. And so will you, if you don't stop swearing!”

    Richard Ridings - La Hire
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
  • “I don't think. I leave that to God. I'm nothing in all this, I'm just the messenger.”
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:faith, god, thinking]
  • “Yet from an infinite number of possibilities, you had to pick this one. You didn't see what was, Jeanne. You saw what you wanted to see.”

    Dustin Hoffman - The Conscience
    [Tag:choice, seeing, truth]
  • “- Yolande of Aragon: Don't worry, Charles. If God is still with her, she will be victorious.
    - Charles VII: But her army is so much smaller.
    - Yolande of Aragon: Then her faith will have to be bigger.”

    Faye Dunaway - Yolande of Aragon
    John Malkovich - Charles VII
    [Tag:faith, victory, war]
  • “I've always been faithful to God and I've followed everything He's ever said and I've done everything He's ever asked me to do.”
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:faith, god, request]
  • “- Priest: What about all these dresses you were given? Silk dresses, weren't they?
    - Joan of Arc: Yes, I was given a few, but I never had time to wear them.
    - Priest: Still... pretty wealthy for a peasant girl, wouldn't you say?
    - Joan of Arc: You look pretty wealthy to be a servant of God, wouldn't you say?”

    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
  • “I must admit you have a big imagination. But maybe not big enough. Death is much more... simple. After a few months it gets more interesting. Then after a year it finally becomes... romantic.”

    Dustin Hoffman - The Conscience
  • “Who are you to even think that you can know the difference between good and evil?”
    Dustin Hoffman - The Conscience
    [Tag:awareness, evil, good]
  • “All you have to do is do as you're told. What could be simpler than that? I am the drum on which God is beating out His messages. And right now He is beating so hard, it's splinting my ears!”
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
  • “- Cauchon: Father Vincente, you're the most venerable among us. What do you think?
    - Father Vincente: I think this trial is a masquerade, and I won't be part of it anymore. I'm willing to be her judge, but not her executioner.
    - Cauchon: That's what I'm trying to ensure.
    - Father Vincente: A verdict comes at the end of a trial, Cauchon, not at...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Timothy West - Cauchon
  • “While the people of France lie bleeding, you sit around in your fine clothes trying to deceive me, when you're only deceiving yourselves. You say you are men of God. Yet, you do not see His hand in having guided me through 500 leagues of enemy country to bring you His help. Is that not proof enough? Do you still need more signs?”

    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:france, god, war]
  • “- Aulon: Jeanne! Are you all right?
    - Joan of Arc: Yes, I'm fine. Why are you staring at me?
    - Aulon: Because there's an arrow in your leg.
    - Joan of Arc: So there is. But that doesn't stop you from climbing!”

    Desmond Harrington - Aulon
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:commitment, war, wound]
  • “France does not belong to you, Charles. She belongs to God.”

    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:france, god, king]
  • “- Aulon: Is there anything you need?
    - Joan of Arc: Well, I'll need a sword, a shield, some armour in my size, a horse and an artist to paint me a banner.
    - Aulon: Now?
    - Joan of Arc: Better today than tomorrow.”

    Desmond Harrington - Aulon
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
  • “- Cauchon: Joan, be careful, you're not helping yourself by refusing to submit to our judgment.
    - Joan of Arc: You, who claimed to be my judges, you'll be careful, for you too one day will be judged.”

    Timothy West - Cauchon
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:judges, judgment]
  • “- Joan of Arc: How dare you stop me from doing God's will?
    - Aulon: He didn't tell you to cut all your hair.
    - Joan of Arc: How dare you tell me what God tells me to do?
    - Aulon: Whatever, but since He's not going to come down and do it Himself, I mean, at least let someone cut it properly!”

    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    Desmond Harrington - Aulon
    [Tag:god, hair]
  • “- Charles VII: We are grateful for your pas efforts, but now your task is done. Now is the time for negotiation.
    - Joan of Arc: Peace will only be got with the English by the end of a lance.
    - Charles VII: Why are you so bloodthirsty? Do you enjoy it?
    - Joan of Arc: No.
    - Charles VII: Diplomacy is far more civilized, far safer, and far cheaper.”

    John Malkovich - Charles VII
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:diplomacy, peace, war]
  • “- Aulon: But how do you know that these voices aren't just really you?
    - Joan of Arc: They are me. That's how God speaks to me. Even you could hear them if you listened hard enough.”

    Desmond Harrington - Aulon
    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
    [Tag:god, listening, voice]