“Beau Geste” quotes

Movie Beau Geste
Title Beau Geste
Year 1939
Director William A. Wellman
Genre Drama, War, Adventure, Action
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Plot – Beau, John and Digby belong to the Geste, a British noble family. As orphans, they try to avoid their house to be auctioned but they need a large sum of money. One of them steals the Blue Water, a valuable jewel, then they join the Foreign Legion and leave for Africa. There, Lieutenant Markoff tries to get the jewel, but the three brothers line up against him with the other soldiers and start a rebellion. The Tuareg will save them from a death sentence.
All actors – Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Robert Preston, Brian Donlevy, Susan Hayward, J. Carrol Naish, Albert Dekker, Broderick Crawford, Charles Barton, James Stephenson, Heather Thatcher, James Burke
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  • “- Beau (as a child): That's what I want when my turn comes. I'd give anything to have a Viking's funeral... with a dog at my feet and 'last post' blown for me. If it weren't too much trouble.
    - Digby (as a child): Beau, it isn't too much trouble. I'll give you one whenever you like.”

    Donald O'Connor - Beau (as a child)
    Martin Spellman - Digby (as a child)
    [Tag:death, funeral]
  • “Keep shooting, you scum! You'll get a chance yet to die with your boots on!”
    Brian Donlevy - Markoff
    [Tag:death, order, war]
  • “I don't know much about mutinies, but I do know it isn't good form to plan them at the top of your voice.”

    Gary Cooper - Beau Geste
  • “- John Geste: Well, isn't anybody going to say a word?
    - Beau Geste: You young pup, we're both so disgusted with you we're speechless.
    - John Geste: I'm no worse than either of you.”

    Ray Milland - John Geste
    Gary Cooper - Beau Geste
  • “I'm going to die. I'll be buried under the sand and forgotten. When I was a little boy, I thought soldiers always died in battles. I didn't know there were so many soldiers... and so few battles... and so many fevers.”

    Harvey Stephens - Lt. Martin
  • “- John Geste: Charming fellow, our Sergeant.
    - Beau Geste: A trifle uncouth. But the best soldier we'll ever see.”

    Ray Milland - John Geste
    Gary Cooper - Beau Geste
    [Tag:leader, soldiers]
  • “I make soldiers out of scum like you, and I don't do it gently. You're the sloppiest looking lot I've ever seen. It's up to me to prevent you from becoming a disgrace to the Regiment. And I will prevent that if I have to kill half of you with work. But the half that lives will be soldiers. I promise you!”

    Brian Donlevy - Markoff
  • “Discipline makes the strength of armies. It is necessary that superiors obtain from their subordinates immediate obedience without murmuring. Discipline will be firm but it will also be fatherly. Officers must use psychology when dealing with men.”
    Brian Donlevy - Markoff
  • “- Markoff: You have to be strict with scum like that, sir.
    - Lt. Martin: They're men. They have their rights, guaranteed within the regulations.”

    Brian Donlevy - Markoff
    Harvey Stephens - Lt. Martin
  • “And now, you scum, it's my turn. I'm going to give you a lesson in putting down an attempted mutiny that'll be the last thing you'll ever see. Maybe this'll make you die happy. Markoff thanks you. When he's an officer and has the Legion of Honor, he'll think often of the stupid, blundering pigs that put him where he is.”

    Brian Donlevy - Markoff
  • “The men must be led, not driven.”

    Harvey Stephens - Lt. Martin