“Bird on a Wire” quotes

Movie Bird on a Wire
Title Bird on a Wire
Year 1990
Director John Badham
Genre Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Plot – The enterprising Rick Jarmin has testified against some drug dealers and, even though he is protected by the FBI, he constantly has to change his name and profession. One day, Jarmin bumps into his ex-girlfriend Marianne Graves, who’s still in love with him. Rick pushes her back because he doesn’t want her to get involved in his troubles. However, he is forced to stay with Marianne, who only causes problems for Rick, so that he has to think about new methods to hide himself.
All actors – Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, David Carradine, Bill Duke, Stephen Tobolowsky, Joan Severance, Harry Caesar, Jeff Corey, Alex Bruhanski, John Pyper-Ferguson, Clyde Kusatsu, Jackson Davies, Florence Paterson, Tim Healy, Wes Tritter, Lossen Chambers, Ken Camroux, Wendy Van Riesen, Lesley Ewen, Robert Metcalfe, Kevin McNulty, Robert Thurston, Brian Torpe, Oscar Goncalves, Tim Price, Oscar Ramos, Dan Zale, Blu Mankuma, Christopher Judge, Jon Garber, Paul Jarrett, James Kidnie, Kim Kondrashoff, Michel Barbe, Maria Leone, Danny Wattley
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