“Maverick” quotes

Movie Maverick
Richard Donner directed this movie in 1994
Title Maverick
Year 1994
Director Richard Donner
Genre Comedy, Thriller, Adventure, Western, Action
Plot – Bret Maverick desires to sign up to a famous poker tournament in St. Louis. At the poker table he meets Annabelle Bransford, opposes against Angel, an ambiguous Spanish man, and teases a young gunslinger who accuses him of cheating. Provoked by Angel, Bret is kidnapped by a group of creditors but manages to escape from them conquering the admiration of Annabelle, who tries to rob him in turn. While recovering a debt, the banker is robbed and Bret deposits his last 100 dollars to the thugs of the brawl at the saloon. He now has to get back the 30.000 dollars stolen by a group of fake Indians. Then he pretends to be hostage of Saken Joseph, his debtor, and persuades him to act as a human target for a Russian baron in search of excitement.
All actors – Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner, Graham Greene, Alfred Molina, James Coburn, Dub Taylor, Geoffrey Lewis, Paul L. Smith, Dan Hedaya, Dennis Fimple, Denver Pyle
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