“Crossing Delancey” quotes

Movie Crossing Delancey
Title Crossing Delancey
Year 1988
Director Joan Micklin Silver
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Isabel Grossman is an unmarried Jewish woman who lives alone in Manhattan and is the director of a library. She's brilliant and independent and her life is full of satisfactions indeed. Her job allows her to join the Big Apple's literary world, but her whimsical grandmother, Bubbie Kantor, doesn't care about her success as she only wants her granddaughter to get married.
All actors – Amy Irving, Peter Riegert, Reizl Bozyk, Jeroen Krabbé, Sylvia Miles, George Martin, John Bedford Lloyd, Claudia Silver, David Hyde Pierce, Rosemary Harris, Suzzy Roche, Amy Wright
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  • “I'm sitting there, and my face is starting to hurt. And I'm thinking, Christ, I got 45 minutes to show this guy how loving, smart, supportive, funny, independent, and sexy I am. And all I can really think about is how I'd rather be sitting home watching the baseball game.”

    Suzzy Roche - Marilyn Cohen
  • - Isabelle Grossman: It's not as if I'm discounting the possibility, but Bubbie, listen to me. I am not, repeat, not holding my breath!
    - Bubbie Kantor: A professor once told me, a collegeprofessor, "No matter how happy you are, if you're alone, you're sick!".

    Amy Irving - Isabelle Grossman
    Reizl Bozyk - Bubbie Kantor
  • - Isabelle Grossman: What I love most about your writing...
    - Anton Maes: Yes, yes, yes, yes?
    - Isabelle Grossman: Is it's deceptive accessibility. It reads like "Pulp Fiction"... and then you... hear music.
    - Anton Maes: Will you tell me that when I call you with an anxiety attack at 4 in the morning?

    Amy Irving - Isabelle Grossman
    Jeroen Krabbé - Anton Maes
  • “Sam, I don't know what to do with you. You're a nice guy.”
    Amy Irving - Isabelle Grossman
  • “- Anton Maes: Hang on to this woman, Lionel. Loyalty like this doesn't walk through the door every day.
    - Lionel: I guess you've noticed that Izzy has featured you in our window for the past three weeks. When is this much-publicized reading to take place?
    - Isabelle Grossman: On the 20th. I'm very loyal to neighborhoodauthors.
    - Anton Maes: I'm...” (continue)
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    Jeroen Krabbé - Anton Maes
    George Martin - Lionel
    Amy Irving - Isabelle Grossman
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