“The Hand of God” quotes

Movie The Hand of God
Title The Hand of God
Original title È stata la mano di Dio
Year 2021
Director Paolo Sorrentino
Genre Drama
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Plot – The Hand of God (Italian: È stata la mano di Dio), is a 2021 Italian drama film written, directed, and produced by Paolo Sorrentino. The film refers autobiographically to Sorrentino's youth in Naples. Set in 1980s tumultuous Naples the movie follows introverted 17-year-old Fabietto Schisa, who loves riding his Vespa, plans to study philosophy at the university and is obsessed with football and curvaceous Aunt Patrizia. With rumours about footballing legend Diego Maradona's signing to SSC Napoli spreading like wildfire, the entire city is teeming with excitement. And then, as Fabietto tries to figure out his identity, tragedy strikes. Fate plays its part, joy and tragedy intertwine, and Fabietto's future is set in motion. Now, he must summon up the courage to redefine his life and transform himself from a passive observer to the person he wants to be.
All actors – Filippo Scotti, Toni Servillo, Teresa Saponangelo, Marlon Joubert, Luisa Ranieri, Renato Carpentieri, Massimiliano Gallo, Betty Pedrazzi, Enzo De Caro, Sofya Gershevich, Lino Musella, Biagio Manna, Ciro Capano, Monica Nappo, Franco Pinelli, Mimma Lovoi, Roberto De Francesco, Carmen Pommella, Dora Romano, Viviana Cangiano, Alessandro Bressanello, Antonella Morea, Rossella Di Lucca, Cristiana Dell'Anna
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  • “Now that my family has disintegrated, I don't like life anymore. I don't like it anymore. I want an imaginary life, just like the one I had before. I don't like reality anymore. Reality is lousy. That's why I want to make films, even though I've only seen three or four.”
    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
  • “Antonio Capuano-To make films you gotta have balls. Do you have balls? I rather doubt it. So you need pain. You got that?
    Fabietto Schisa-Yes, I told you. On that front, I'm good.
    Antonio Capuano-What did you tell me? What pain? No, you don't have pain. You have hope. With hope, you make comfortingfilms. It's a trap.
    Fabietto Schisa-They left...” (continue)
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    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
    Ciro Capano - Antonio Capuano
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  • “Marriettiello-Fabiè, I wanted to buy you a gift, but I forgot.
    Fabietto Schisa-That's okay, Mario, it's the thought that counts.”

    Lino Musella - Marriettiello
    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
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  • “Our uncle's a lawyer. He's grown a little cynical after losing 18 consecutive lawsuits.”
    Franco Pinelli - Albertino
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  • “Maria Schisa-Nennè, you didn't even try the bell peppers.
    Nenella-Of course not. I'm doing Witch Watch.
    Franco-What's that?
    Austera-She means Weight Watchers.”

    Teresa Saponangelo - Maria Schisa
    Mimma Lovoi - Nenella
    Massimiliano Gallo - Franco
    Antonella Morea - Austera
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  • “Saverio Schisa-Is that Baroness Focale? She looks just like John Paul II.
    Fabietto Schisa-You're right.
    Saverio Schisa-But the Pope is sexier.”

    Toni Servillo - Saverio Schisa
    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
  • “Look, you'll have a girlfriend soon, and this misery will be a thing of the past. But follow my advice. For your first time... For your first time, take whatever comes. Even a total dog is okay. Just get your first time out of the fuckin' way.”
    Toni Servillo - Saverio Schisa
  • “At one point, a journalist called. Fellini says to him: Cinema's not good for anything, but it's a distraction. The journalist must've asked him: A distraction from what? And Fellini says: From reality, reality is lousy.”
    Marlon Joubert - Marchino Schisa
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  • “Marchino Schisa-So... how hot was Aunt Patrizia today? Buck naked. On a scale of one to a hundred?
    Fabietto Schisa-A billion.
    Marchino Schisa-If you had to choose between Maradona coming to Napoli and screwing Aunt Patrizia... which would you choose?
    Fabietto Schisa-Maradona.”

    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
    Marlon Joubert - Marchino Schisa
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  • “Saverio Schisa-Here, your birthday present. Stand B seats, of course.
    Fabietto Schisa-Thank you, God!
    Saverio Schisa-Don't thank God. I'm the one who bought you a season ticket!”

    Toni Servillo - Saverio Schisa
    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
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  • “Fabietto Schisa-Why don't we buy a TV with a remote like everyone else?
    Saverio Schisa-Don't talk nonsense. I'm a communist.”

    Toni Servillo - Saverio Schisa
    Filippo Scotti - Fabietto Schisa
  • “Remember, those without courage don't sleep with beautiful women.”
    Ciro Capano - Antonio Capuano
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