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JoBeth Williams
December 6, 1948 in Houston
North American
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JoBeth Williams quotes
  • “- Dr. Russell Oakes: You know what's going to happen next around here, don't you?
    - Nurse Nancy Bauer: I've been trying not to think about it.
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: We may be the only hospital operating within 100 miles. Everyone half-alive or dying will find their way here.”

    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    JoBeth Williams - Nurse Nancy Bauer
  • “- Diane: They denied our claim again.
    - Steve Freeling: What?
    - Diane: I told you we never should have said the house vanished into the air.”

    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
    Craig T. Nelson - Steve Freeling
  • “- Margo Brofman: We still hate you.
    - Felicia: We decided you should be punished for the way you treat women.
    - Liz: Oh, yeah, men like you just have to be stopped.
    - Steve Brooks: And how are you going to stop me?
    - Margo Brofman: We're going to kill you.”

    JoBeth Williams - Margo Brofman
    Victoria Mahoney - Felicia
    Lysette Anthony - Liz
    Perry King - Steve Brooks
  • “- Abbie: I'm going to lean on you, and you just lean on me. Is this good for you?
    - Lisa: This is great.
    - Abbie: Look! We're a semicolon walking home!”

    Billy Crystal - Abbie
    JoBeth Williams - Lisa
  • “- Skip Donahue: You want to know something that's always fascinated me? Are the prisonromances that sometimes spring up between inmates and girls from the outside. Sometimes quite beautiful girls. I mean, would you, for example... could you actually become involved, I mean, romantically, with a prisoner?
    - Meredith: Absolutely not.
    - Skip...” (continue)
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    Gene Wilder - Skip Donahue
    JoBeth Williams - Meredith
  • “- Sam: So how's your life?
    - Karen: Oh, great. How's yours?
    - Sam: Not so great.
    - Karen: Oh, we're telling the truth.”

    Tom Berenger - Sam
    JoBeth Williams - Karen
    [Tag:life, truth]
  • “- Tangina (Poltergeist): You can't choose between life and death when we're dealing with what is in between. Now tell her before it's too late.
    - Diane Freeling: Run to the light, baby. Mommy is in the light.”

    Zelda Rubinstein - Tangina
    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
    [Tag:death, ghosts, life]
  • “- Alex Jurel: There's nothing worse than a female lawyer with a cause.
    - Lisa Hammond: Except a male teacher without one.”

    Nick Nolte - Alex Jurel
    JoBeth Williams - Lisa Hammond
  • “- Ruben Castle: How you like chasin' bad guys?
    - Harriet Purdue: We don't have many bad guys out here in the sticks, Lieutenant.
    - Ruben Castle: Lesson Number One: there are bad guys everywhere.”

    Robert Urich - Ruben Castle
    JoBeth Williams - Harriet Purdue
    [Tag:badness, chase]
  • “- Steve Freeling: No. I'll do it. Let me go.
    - Diane Freeling: You can't go. You're the only one strong enough to hold the rope.”

    Craig T. Nelson - Steve Freeling
    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
  • “- Party Woman: Libby, this is Natalie Standish. Natalie is Reed's... Oh, is it alright to...
    - Natalie Standish: Say that Reed got me pregnant when I was a barhop at your country club? Married me to avoid scandal? Spent the next ten years sucking the life out of me? Got bored with me, dumped me, and screwed me in court? Sure, go ahead.
    - Party...” (continue)
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    Shelby Leverington - Party Woman
    JoBeth Williams - Natalie Standish
    [Tag:divorce, wife]
  • - Steve Freeling: Tomorrow I'm going to call someone.
    - Diane Freeling: Like who? I looked in the Yellow Pages. "Furniture Movers" we've got; "Strange Phenomenon", there's no listing.

    Craig T. Nelson - Steve Freeling
    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
    [Tag:ghosts, helping]
  • “- Karen: You'll never get this many people to come to my funeral.
    - Michael: Ohh, Karen, I'll come. And, you know... I'll bring a date.”

    JoBeth Williams - Karen
    Jeff Goldblum - Michael
    [Tag:date, funeral, people]
  • “- Abe: I'm glad you came, doctor. Maybe you can tell me what's wrong with my hand - it's been like this for a month.
    - Lisa: Have you tried soaking it in melted butter?”

    Alan King - Abe
    JoBeth Williams - Lisa
  • “- Amanda Brooks: I lost my virginity.
    - Margo Brofman: Obviously without your consent.
    - Amanda Brooks: I passed out; I don't remember anything.
    - Margo Brofman: Who's the unlucky man?”

    Ellen Barkin - Amanda Brooks
    JoBeth Williams - Margo Brofman
  • “- Steve Freeling: Diane, I have needs too.
    - Diane: Well it seems to me your needs have been fulfilled by the bottle tonight.”

    Craig T. Nelson - Steve Freeling
    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
    [Tag:drunkenness, need]
  • “- Abbie: He lives in Los Angeles.
    - Lisa: What does he do?
    - Abbie: He's a professionalembarrassment.”

    Billy Crystal - Abbie
    JoBeth Williams - Lisa
    [Tag:father, job]
  • “- Diane Freeling: Mmmmm... smell that mimosa.
    - Steve Freeling: Well you better cut a bouquet and take it with you, because we're not staying.”

    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
    Craig T. Nelson - Steve Freeling
  • “- Natalie Standish: You wouldn't dare play fair, would you?
    - Reed Standish: I wouldn't dare lose.”

    JoBeth Williams - Natalie Standish
    Christopher McDonald - Reed Standish
  • “- Diane Freeling: We were wondering if you had experienced any... disturbances?
    - Ben Tuthill: What kind of disturbances?
    - Diane Freeling: You know... dishes or furniture, moving around by themselves.”

    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
    Michael McManus - Ben Tuthill
    [Tag:ghosts, house]
  • “- Dana Freeling: Mom! I'm going to dinner with Janice and Brian.
    - Diane Freeling: Is your room all packed up?
    - Dana Freeling: Everything but the bed!”

    Dominique Dunne - Dana Freeling
    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
  • “What you are feeling right now is the barrel of 357 combat magnum. This weapon can fell an elephant at a hundred yards, let alone a snake like you, at point blank... hah!”
    JoBeth Williams - Cathy Palmer
    [Tag:power, weapons]
  • “- Karen: How about you Michael? So tell us about the world of big time journalism.
    - Sam: Yeah.
    - Michael: Well where I work we only have one editorial rule. You can't write anything longer than it takes your average person to take an average crap.”

    JoBeth Williams - Karen
    Tom Berenger - Sam
    Jeff Goldblum - Michael
  • “You're not a mother. It is my job to do everything I can to make my children part of a normal world. A world of schools and friends and lovers and families of they're own someday.”

    JoBeth Williams - Diane Freeling
  • “- Bessie Earp: We are your wives. Don't we ever count more than the damn brothers?
    - Wyatt Earp: No, Bessie, you don't. Wives come and go, that's the plain truth of it. They run off. They die.”

    JoBeth Williams - Bessie Earp
    Kevin Costner - Wyatt Earp
    [Tag:brothers, wife]