“Footloose” quotes

Movie Footloose
Title Footloose
Year 1984
Director Herbert Ross
Genre Drama, Romance, Music
Plot – Ren has just arrived in Bomont with his mother. They left Chicago where he used to go out with friends dancing at the disco, but here in Bomont all kind of music and dance itself is banned by a municipal law, defended at all costs by the local pastor who has lost his son in a car accident after an evening out with friends. Ariel, the pastor's daughter, falls in love at first sight with Ren and the guy in turn puts all his energy to make music be re-estabilished.
All actors – Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest, Chris Penn, Sarah Jessica Parker, John Laughlin, Elizabeth Gorcey, Frances Lee McCain, Jim Youngs, Douglas Dirkson, Lynne Marta, Arthur Rosenberg, Timothy Scott, Alan Haufrect, Linda MacEwen, Kim Jensen, Michael Telmont, Leo Geter, Ken Kemp, Russ McGinn, Sam Dalton, H.E.D. Redford, Jay Bernard, David Valenza, Meghan Broadhead, Mimi Broadhead, Gene Pack, Marcia Reider, John Perryman, Mary Ethel Gregory, Oscar Rowland, J. Paul Broadhead, John Bishop, Carmen Trevino, Melissa Renee Graehl, Monica M. Da Silva, Terri Gay Ulmer, Deborah Frazier, Brian L. McCarty, Alison Trouse, Brian Wimmer
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