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Movie Ghost
Title Ghost
Year 1990
Director Jerry Zucker
Genre Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen are a lovely New York couple. The night they decide to get married, they are attacked by a robber and Sam is murdered. Molly is desperate but is anaware that Sam is still present in her life because he has become a ghost. In the meantime, Sam discovers that his murderer, Willie Lopez, was hired by his colleague and friend Carl Bruner, who didn't want Sam to discover his illegal traffics with the Mafia. Now that his friend is dead, Carl has to obtain by himself Sam's secret number to steal the money from a bank account: Molly is in danger now because the number is in her house. Thanks to a medium called Oda Mae Brown, Sam will tell his beloved Molly to be careful warning her about Carl.
All actors – Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, Stanley Lawrence, Christopher J. Keene, Susan Breslau, Martina Deignan, Rick Kleber, Macka Foley, Rick Aviles, Phil Leeds, John Hugh, Sam Tsoutsouvas, Sharon Breslau, Vincent Schiavelli, Angelina Estrada, Armelia McQueen, Gail Boggs, Thom Curley, Stephen Root, Laura Drake, Augie Blunt, Alma Beltran, Vivian Bonnell, Derek Thompson, J. Christopher Sullivan, Charlotte Zucker, Tom Finnegan, Bruce Jarchow, Sondra Rubin, Faye Brenner, William Cort, Minnie Summers Lindsey, Mabel Lockridge, Said Faraj, William L. Arance, Mike Jittlov, , Steven-Charles Jaffe, Billy Marshall Thompson, Burton Zucker
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