“Gun Shy” quotes

Movie Gun Shy
Title Gun Shy
Year 2000
Director Eric Blakeney
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance
Plot – Charlie is an undercover DEA agent who has lost courage and confidence. His last unsolved case has shocked him a lot and has caused him stress and a nagging stomachache. He would like to resign but his superiors forbid him to because they have to incriminate some mafia bosses, among which there's Fulvio Nesstra. Charlie falls into a nervous breakdown and decides to go to a psychiatrist, then he joins a group of frustrated managers, who are shocked in front of Charlie's stories. He meets even Judy, a nurse who helps him curing his embarrassing stomach problems with natural recipes. Thanks to therapy too, Charlie finally manages to enter within the gang and learns more about the criminals' personal situations: Fulvio is unhappy because he's always ordered by his wife and his father-in-law what to do; Fidel, his opponent, is tired to wait always his father's approval and he would like to escape with his friend Estuvio. All misunderstandings and double plays emerge in the course of a money laundering operation. During a shooting, Fulvio is wounded and Charlie takes care of him helped by Judy and the psychoanalysis group members. They all go away in a speedboat where they find a briefcase, which contains part of the operation: twenty million dollars.
All actors – Liam Neeson, Oliver Platt, José Zúñiga, Michael DeLorenzo, Andrew Lauer, Richard Schiff, Paul Ben-Victor, Gregg Daniel, Ben Weber, Sandra Bullock, Mary McCormack, Michael Mantell
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