“Forces of Nature” quotes

Movie Forces of Nature
Title Forces of Nature
Year 1999
Director Bronwen Hughes
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Ben is a New York yuppie who is traveling to Savannah to marry his girlfriend. During the journey he meets Sarah, a single mother incapable of firm relationships. They meet at the airport, but as they try to catch a bus or a taxi all vehicles go haywire. Meanwhile, a storm is coming and Ben's bride is waiting in vain.
All actors – Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Maura Tierney, Steve Zahn, Blythe Danner, Ronny Cox, Michael Fairman, Richard Schiff, Athena Maria Bitzis, Afemo Omilami, David Strickland, Jack Kehler, Janet Carroll, Meredith Scott Lynn, George Wallace, Steve Hytner, John Doe, Anne Haney, Bert Remsen, Julie Ivey, Maia Lien, Danny Scalf, Franklin H.D. Ecker, Rafiki Smith, Carter Reedy, Taylor Gilbert, Francisco De Ramírez, Pat Crawford Brown, Bill Erwin, William Marquez, Michael Cudlitz, Libby Whittemore, Dan Albright, Mike Pniewski, Antone Calandra, Bill Coates, Damon Frost, Vivian Edwards-Ashford, Tommy Chappelle, James Chirbas, Jean Gates, Joan Glover, Bob King, Winnie Hammer, George Stoba, Leon Lamar, Judith Maltenfort, Marc McPherson, Shelly Desai, Cordell Nichols, Dan Biggers, Mali Miller, Nathalie Hendrix, Eddie Miller, Scott Pierce, Ginnie Randall, Shannon Welles, Beverly Shelton, Danny Nelson, Jacki Wilson, Marshall Rosenblum, Wes Kennemore, Bob King, Brandon McLaughlin, Justin Michael Benassi, Joanne Pankow, Lester Cohen, Kara Hamilton, Cal Johnson, Chad Ridgely, David Smith, Rob Springer, Derrick Damions, Jeremy DeCarlos, Jada DeVille, Christofer Michaels, Joe Pantoliano, Heidi Salinger, Timothy J. Scanlin Jr., Jade Wu
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