“High School High” quotes

Movie High School High
Title High School High
Year 1996
Director Hart Bochner
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance
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Plot – Richard Clark is a young, fat and shy guy who leaves his peaceful job at the prestigious Wellington school to move to a public school in the suburb of the city. The atmosphere there is degraded: classes are unreal, students wander the halls doing businesses or planning actions against rival gangs, violent clashes happen relentlessly one after the other and the principal faces them only with more violence. In this situation Richard's innocent and optimistic spirit baffles everyone and gradually seduces some of the teachers. Richard finds solidarity in Victoria, a nice colleague who helps him, and Griff, a violent guy who dreams to graduate. Richard helps him and together they vanquish a gang headed by the principal herself. When the school year finishes, Griff receives his diploma in a restored and clean building. Now he thinks about going to university.
All actors – Jon Lovitz, Tia Carrere, Louise Fletcher, Mekhi Phifer, Malinda Williams, Guillermo Díaz, Lexie Bigham, Gil Espinoza, John Neville, Brian Hooks, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Marco Rodríguez
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  • “- Paco Rodriguez: As long as you're here, you show some respect to me! Me... Paco Rodriguez Fernandez Martinez Diaz DeJesus Morales Santos... Junior.
    - Griff McReynolds: Are we not forgetting a name?
    - Paco Rodriguez: What's that?
    - Griff McReynolds: Skidmark.”

    Guillermo Díaz - Paco Rodriguez
    Mekhi Phifer - Griff McReynolds
  • “- Richard Clark: Why are you late?
    - Natalie Thompson: Because the bell rang before I got here.”

    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
    Malinda Williams - Natalie Thompson
  • “- Principal Evelyn Doyle: I inherited the business from my late husband.
    - Richard Clark: I'm shocked!
    - Principal Evelyn Doyle: What? That a woman can run a business?
    - Richard Clark: No. That you were ever married.”

    Louise Fletcher - Principal Evelyn Doyle
    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • “- Principal Evelyn Doyle: What is she doing here?
    - Richard Clark: She's my bitch! Well... my significant other. We've been slappin' skins for sometime.”

    Louise Fletcher - Principal Evelyn Doyle
    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • “- Richard Clark: I'm Richard Clark, I'm the new history teacherhere. What department do you teach in?
    - Teacher: I don't know, something up on the third floor.”

    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • “- Thaddeus Clark: Richard, if you do this, you will fail. You... will... fail! And mark my works, you'll come crawling back here with your tail between your legs!
    - Richard Clark: You're wrong, father. I'm gonna succeed at Barry High School. And, I have no intention of ever crawling back here with anything between my legs!”

    John Neville - Thaddeus Clark
    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • “- Richard Clark: Well, Julie I hoped you learned a valuable lesson from this.
    - Julie Rubels: Oh, yes. Basically as far as vasectomies go, never use the home kit.”

    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
    Natasha Gregson Wagner - Julie Rubels
  • “- Victoria Chapell: Remember, some things are irreplaceable.
    - Richard Clark: Irreplaceable? Nothings gonna happen to me.
    - Victoria Chapell: I was talking about my car!”

    Tia Carrere - Victoria Chapell
    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • I've never been very good with relationships. In fact, most of mine ended with "Hey, what are you doing in bed with that other woman?". And that was me talking!
    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • “- Richard Clark: Isn't it a little early to start drinking?
    - Woman: Who stops?”

    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
  • “- Richard Clark: Victoria, could you give me a ride home? I seem to have misplaced my car.
    - Victoria Chapell: Oh, don't worry about it. All the teachers loose their car on their first day.”

    Jon Lovitz - Richard Clark
    Tia Carrere - Victoria Chapell
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