“Trapped in Paradise” quotes

Movie Trapped in Paradise
Title Trapped in Paradise
Year 1994
Director George Gallo
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance, Adventure
Plot – During the Christmas season, ex-con Bill Firpo is surprised to see his two brothers released from jail - the liar Dave and the kleptomaniac Alvin. Dave has a letter from his cell mate Vic Mazzucci for his daughter Sarah, who lives in Paradise, Pennsylvania. Since he is on probation, he is not supposed to leave the state of New York, but Alvin gives in to his mania for stealing and the three end up escaping arrest in a stolen car. Dave convinces Bill to go to Paradise, where they decide to rob the poorly guarded local bank when they see thousands of dollars being deposited. However, despite their best efforts, they can not get away with the money: they have an accident with a stolen car, they end up using first a horse-drawn sleigh and then even a boat, with Alvin almost freezing to death in the river. Ironically, the person who helps them out is the bank manager, Clifford Anderson. Sarah, although aware of the theft, does not report them but asks them instead to leave. Meanwhile, when Vic learns about the robbery, which he had long been planning, he escapes from prison and kidnaps the Firpos' mother in order to exchange her for the stolen money. The three, repent, return the money to a minister, leaving a note signed "The Three Kings." Dave reveals to an enraged Bill that Vic's letter was a hoax and that he had called the police to the supermarket. The three brothers are then kidnapped by two deputy sheriffs who also want the money: they also own a draper's shop and sell them the hoods for the robbery. In the end, everyone ends up at the Anderson's house at the mercy of Vic and his accomplice. The police and the FBI, who have been on the bandits tracks for a long time, surround the building and the sheriff's son shoots Vic. The testimonies in favor of the brothers and the silence of the locals clear the Firpos. Bill decides to stay in town because he is in love with Sarah and is eager to change his life.
All actors – Nicolas Cage, Richard B. Shull, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, Jack Heller, Mike Steiner, Kirk Dunn, Blanca Jansuzian, Florence Stanley, Jeff Levine, Sandra Myers, Mabel
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