“Small Time Crooks” quotes

Movie Small Time Crooks
Woody Allen directed this movie in 2000
Title Small Time Crooks
Year 2000
Director Woody Allen
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – As soon as Ray Winkler gets out of jail, he plans another robbery. He thinks to rent a shop next to a bank to dig a tunnel and to reach the vault. It seems an easy plan without risks and his wife Frenchy participates too. She opens a homemade desserts production as a front for their illegal business, but Ray and his team are incapable of digging the tunnel, while Frenchy's biscuits get an unexpected success. The earnings increase so much Frenchy becomes rich. Now the woman wants to hang out with high society people and she meets David, a fascinating man who soon begins to woo her. Then administrators tell her about some unpaid taxes and bankruptcy is near, so David disappears and Ray and Frenchy find themselves alone and without money, but they have learnt something more important.
All actors – Woody Allen, Carolyn Saxon, Tracey Ullman, Michael Rapaport, Tony Darrow, Sam Josepher, Jon Lovitz, Lawrence Howard Levy, Diane Bradley, Crystal Field, Cindy Carver, Ray Garvey, Bill Gerber, Olivia Hayman, Laurine Towler, Fanda Nikic, Brian Markinson, Elaine May, Dana Tyler, Steve Kroft, Brian McConnachie, Ricardo Bertoni, Isaac Mizrahi, Kristine Nielsen, Larry Pine, Hugh Grant, Julie Lund, Teri Black, John Doumanian, Phyllis Burdoe, Maurice Sonnenberg, Richard Mawe, Karla Wolfangle, Rob Besserer, Frank Wood, Ruth Laredo, Julie Halston, Anthony Sinopoli, Jesse Levy, Josephine Calabrese, Cindy Wilks, Trevor Moran, Peter McRobbie, Douglas McGrath, Elaine Stritch, Howard Erskine, Christine Pipgras, Nick Garfinkle, Kenneth Edelson, Ira Wheeler, William Hill, Ramsey Faragallah, Scotty Bloch, George Grizzard, Marvin Chatinover, Alva Chinn, Evelyn Iocolano
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