“If Looks Could Kill” quotes

Movie If Looks Could Kill
Title If Looks Could Kill
Year 1991
Director William Dear
Genre Comedy, Action
Plot – A high school student travels with his school to Paris, but he's mistaken for a secret agent and he pretends to be it. He likes it indeed because the organization provides him fast cars, stylish clothes and beautiful women. Soon the student is forced to deal with real enemies.
All actors – Richard Grieco, Roger Rees, Linda Hunt, Robin Bartlett, Gabrielle Anwar, Geraldine James, Michael Siberry, Carole Davis, Frederick Coffin, Tom Rack, Roger Daltrey, Oliver Dear
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  • - Haywood: Is that a threat, Mrs. Grober?
    - Patricia Grober: French teachers do not threaten, Monsieur. They say "S'il vous plait".

    Michael Sinelnikoff - Haywood
    Robin Bartlett - Patricia Grober
  • “- Michael Corben: I'm an American citizen and I know my rights.
    - Derek Richardson: Corben, don't go asking for special privileges.
    - Michael Corben: I wanna speak to the American embassy.
    - Derek Richardson: Relax, they already know you're here.
    - Michael Corben: What'd they say?
    - Derek Richardson: They wished you good luck.”

    Richard Grieco - Michael Corben
    Michael Siberry - Derek Richardson
  • “- Ilsa Grunt: Why do you want to talk to him?
    - Augustus Steranko: I never get to talk to anyone.
    - Ilsa Grunt: Talk, talk, talk! Talking is your tragic flaw, Augustus!
    - Augustus Steranko: And you, Grunt, are singlehandedly killing the art of conversation.”

    Linda Hunt - Ilsa Grunt
    Roger Rees - Augustus Steranko
    [Tag:art, talking]
  • “- Melissa Tyler: Oh my god, we're all gonna die!
    - Kent: No, we're not! Corbin's here!
    - Melissa Tyler: That's what I meant!”

    Cynthia Preston - Melissa Tyler
    Oliver Dear - Kent
  • “- Michael Corben: Don't worry about Grober, I can handle her.
    - Patricia Grober: Don't count on it. I'm gonna be on your ass every minute of this trip. I'm gonna be sitting next to you on the bus during the day and checking your room at night. You'll barely be able to take a leak without being right behind you. In fact, I even took the liberty...” (continue)
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    Richard Grieco - Michael Corben
    Robin Bartlett - Patricia Grober
    [Tag:control, teachers]
  • “- Cell Guard: Put that on. You're having dinner with Steranko in ten minutes.
    - Michael Corben: Jerk. If he thinks I'm wearin' this army surplusreject, he can forget it. It's not my style.
    - Mariska: Michael, number one, this is a very nice Armani suit. And number two, you have no style.”

    John Tench - Cell Guard
    Richard Grieco - Michael Corben
    Gabrielle Anwar - Mariska
    [Tag:clothes, style]
  • “- Michael Corben: Sir, I just wanna tell you this has been the best four years of my life.
    - Principal: Don't overwhelm yourself. The best is yet to come.”

    Richard Grieco - Michael Corben
    Philip Spensley - Principal
  • “- Michael Corben: I'll nail your ass to the wall.
    - Augustus Steranko: That sounds very painful.”

    Richard Grieco - Michael Corben
    Roger Rees - Augustus Steranko