“John Tucker Must Die” quotes

Movie John Tucker Must Die
Title John Tucker Must Die
Year 2006
Director Betty Thomas
Genre Comedy, Romance
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Plot – Heather, Beth and Carrie are the queens of the school. When they realize John Tucker, the charming basketball team captain, goes out with each of them at the same time, they declare war to him. Decided to destroy the guy, the girls try to make him unpopular but the plan has the contrary effect. The three friends change then their tactic and start attacking him with love matters. Now they need a bait and the newcomer Kate, in order to be their friend, is ready to be part of the plot. As expected, John Tucker falls in love with her, but she has to resist him. Our three friends already savor the victory, but their machinations are going to have unpredictable consequences.
All actors – Jesse Metcalfe, Brittany Snow, Ashanti, Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel, Penn Badgley, Jenny McCarthy, Fatso-Fasano, Kevin McNulty, Patricia Drake, Amanda Li, Jeffrey Ballard, Taylor Kitsch, Steve Bacic, Dean Wray, Johnny Cuthbert, Aaron Dudley, Marc Menard, Dan Payne, Mercedes de la Zerda, Brendan Penny, Taurean Mills, Nicole LaPlaca, Chelan Simmons, Nancy J. Lilley, Yalda Etessam, Devon Weigel, Alf Humphreys, Woody Jeffreys, Samantha McLeod, Diana Ha, Donald Fong, Karlie Locke, Stephanie A. Locke, Fulvio Cecere, Lucas McCann, Bruce Morrison, Barbara Kottmeier, Nicki Clyne, Katya Virshilas, Nicole Fraissinet, Stuart Cowan, Julie Patzwald, Connor Widdows, People in Planes, Kristian Blight, Gareth Jones, John Maloney, Peter Roberts, Ian Russell, Amanda Crew, Emily Tennant, Victor Z. Isaac, Braden Williams, Kyle C. Coleman, Greg Cipes, Amber Borycki, Meghan Ory, Alan Shearman, Archie Hahn, Chelsea Florko, Angela Fong, Jessica Harmon, Maggie Ma, Collin McDowell, Heather McEwen, Steffinnie Phrommany
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  • I wish it could just be simple, like a retro pop song, "I want you to want me". Boom. End of story. We all live happily ever after. But it is never really like that, is it?
    Brittany Snow - Kate
  • “I can't believe I ate meat for him. I mean, it was fish, but still. I don't eat anything with a face.”

    Sophia Bush - Beth
  • “- Carrie: when he speaks to you count to three in your head before you answer him.
    - Heather: Don't show any interest. Don't even look at him too much.
    - Carrie: Yeah yeah. You got it? I said you got it?
    - Kate: I was counting to three!
    - Beth: Not that slowly! We don't what him to think you're retarded!”

    Arielle Kebbel - Carrie
    Ashanti Douglas - Heather
    Brittany Snow - Kate
    Sophia Bush - Beth
  • “- Kate: Where is everyone?
    - Scott: You came early to detention?
    - Kate: Oh. Well, I'd hate to miss a minute of being... detained.”

    Brittany Snow - Kate
    Penn Badgley - Scott
    [Tag:absence, prison]
  • “- Kate: These girls all seem so confident and cool. How do they not know that John's cheating on all of them?
    - Crying Waitress: He's a total operator. He goes out with girls from different cliques so that they never actually talk to each other. And then he tells them that his father won't let him date during basketball season so they'll have to...” (continue)
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    Brittany Snow - Kate
    Chelan Simmons - Crying Waitress
  • “Maybe I come on too strong, but... I don't know who else to be. I just have to put my whole heart into things.”
    Jesse Metcalfe - John Tucker
  • “- Scott: I don't know. I don't think she's your type.
    - John Tucker: Girl is my type.
    - Scott: Alright, well then maybe you're not her type. She's into stuff like old school Elvis Costello, she listens to obscure podcasts, she reads Dave Eggers. You know, she's deep, man.
    - John Tucker: Dude, I'm deep. I'm dating the poetry club.”

    Penn Badgley - Scott
    Jesse Metcalfe - John Tucker
    [Tag:flirting, girl]