“Johnny English” quotes

Movie Johnny English
Title Johnny English
Year 2003
Director Peter Howitt
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Action
Plot – The famous British Secret Service agency is struggling with a thorny case: an improbable plan to steal the Crown Jewels. The most gifted agent is tasked to solve the mission but he's eliminated under mysterious circumstances and soon his best colleagues are killed too. The chances of M17 are entrusted so to the most clumsy secret agent, Johnny English. He has to protect the country, to avenge his dead colleagues and to discover who has masterminded the theft of the Crown Jewels.
All actors – Rowan Atkinson, Tasha de Vasconcelos, Ben Miller, Greg Wise, Douglas McFerran, Steve Nicolson, Terence Harvey, Kevin McNally, Tim Pigott-Smith, Nina Young, Rowland Davies, Natalie Imbruglia, Philippa Fordham, John Malkovich, Tim Berrington, Simon Bernstein, Martin Lawton, Neville Phillips, Oliver Ford Davies, Takuya Matsumoto, Peter Tenn, Sam Beazley, Kevin Moore, Faruk Pruti, Marc Danbury, Jack Raymond, Jenny Galloway, Haylie Ecker, Tania Davis, Eos Chater, Gay-Yee Westerhoff, Chris Tarrant, James Greene, Clive Graham, Trevor McDonald, Clare Beckwith, James Embree, Philip Harvey, Peter Howitt, Serena Lorien, Norman Campbell Rees, Laurence Richardson, Prunella Scales, Leonard Silver, Yana Yanezic
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