“Shanghai Noon” quotes

Movie Shanghai Noon
Title Shanghai Noon
Year 2000
Director Tom Dey
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Western, Action
Plot – Princess Pei Pei has been kidnapped from the Forbidden City. The emperor sends three of his bravest guards to deliver the gold ransom to the kidnapper in the Far West. Chon Wang is not among these guards but manages to join the group by carrying the luggage of his uncle, who is the translator of the expedition. While crossing the Nevada desert by train, the Chinese are assaulted by a group of robbers led by Roy O'Bannon. Chon manages to make the thieves loose the loot and as a result the criminals abandon him in the desert. Also Roy, having failed in the robbery, gets dumped by his mates. Wandering confused, Chon helps saving a young Indian of the Crow tribe. Hailed as a hero, he is taken to the village and finds himself married to beautiful Falling Leaves. Still thinking about Pei Pei, Chon returns to his journey and meets Roy in a saloon, but after a fight they both get jailed. In prison Roy, learning about the princess and the gold coins, promises Chon to help him.
All actors – Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu, Brandon Merrill, Roger Yuan, Xander Berkeley, Rongguang Yu, Ya Hi Cui, Eric Chen, Jason Connery, Walton Goggins, Adrien Dorval
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