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Movie K-9
Title K-9
Year 1989
Director Rod Daniel
Genre Comedy, Crime, Action
Plot – In San Diego California Detective Thomas Dooley, a maverick cop of the narcotics squad, is able to obtain a trained dog, Jerry Lee, restless by nature but with an infallible sense of smell. After Dooley takes it with him to his girlfriend Tracy's house, relations with Jerry Lee, originally capricious, become affectionate and supportive. After exhausting stake-outs and thanks to the dog's nose, the detective discovers that Halstead, the owner of a luxurious car company, is in league with Lyman, a cynical and sinister drug dealer who, meanwhile, has seized Tracy in an attempt to get Dooley to leave them freedom of action in exchange for the woman's life. Dooley does not accept this blackmail: with the help of Jerry Lee, Dooley eliminates both Halstead and Lyman, who before his death severely wounds the dog. With the help of Tracy, who in the meanwhile has been freed, Dooley rescues Jerry Lee, takes it to the hospital and saves his canine pal.
All actors – James Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Tighe, Ed O'Neill, Rando, James Handy, Daniel Davis, Cotter Smith, John Snyder, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Sherman Howard, Jeff Allin, David Haskell, Alan Blumenfeld, William Sadler, Marjorie Bransfield, Mark Mooring, Jerry Levine, Rick Cicetti, Dan Castellaneta, Wendel Meldrum, John Castellanos, Colleen Morris, McKeiver Jones III, J.W. Smith, Dean Hill, Gary Combs, Steve Artiaga, Lucy Butler, Vic Cuccia, Ralph Elias
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  • “- Tracy: Do you know you have an animal growing out of your pants?
    - Dooley: Thanks, hon. I also have a dog here.”

    Mel Harris - Tracy
    Jim Belushi - Dooley
    [Tag:dogs, genitalia]
  • “- Brannigan: You think you got problems? I gotta to take my wife and kids on vacation. I've got a plane to catch in 3 hours.
    - Dooley: Plane? You said plane?
    - Brannigan: But I ain't gonna catch the plane because I gotta wait here for the SWAT team.
    - Dooley: Can I have the dog if I get you on the plane? You're airborne, you're airborne!
    -...” (continue)
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    Ed O'Neill - Brannigan
    Jim Belushi - Dooley
  • “- Brannigan: There he is, the best nose on the force. He could stick that snout in the wind right now and lead you to a stash in the middle of Tijuana.
    - Dooley: Listen, I gotta be up front with you. I got a real bad feeling about this dog.
    - Brannigan: Hey, tough shit. That's all I got. Not I want you to take care.
    - Dooley: Don't worry about...” (continue)
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    Ed O'Neill - Brannigan
    Jim Belushi - Dooley
    [Tag:caring, dogs, police]
  • “- Lyman: Dooley, what is it about me that makes you so passionate?
    - Dooley: Well, it's not your looks, Lyman. I guess it's your job.
    - Lyman: And knowing your methods of law enforcement, I don't suppose that you have a search warrant?
    - Dooley: Dog ate it. You can hang around his tail for an hour.”

    Kevin Tighe - Lyman
    Jim Belushi - Dooley
    [Tag:job, passion, police]
  • “The woman is mine! Now we're both members of the animal kingdom. You know that and I know that. And we both know that this thing is really primal. So if you think you're such a badass you just try that one more time and you're gonna end up in a pet cemetary!”

    Jim Belushi - Dooley
    [Tag:dogs, rivalry, women]