“Look Who's Talking Now” quotes

Movie Look Who's Talking Now
Title Look Who's Talking Now
Year 1993
Director Tom Ropelewski
Genre Comedy, Romance, Family
Plot – The Christmas holidays are around the corner and the Ubriacco family has to deal with a new series of misadventures. James is Samantha O’Bonne's private pilot, the charming president of an international company of cosmetics. While the husband is flying with the attractive Samantha, Mollie has to organize the family life and her new job: she works as Santa Claus’ helper in a shopping mal. The situation isn’t that happy for Mollie, especially when both James and Samantha entrust their dogs to the woman at the same time. Scag is a mutt that James rescued from the animal control officer. He is very good in the streets, but behaves differently at home. Dalila is Samantha’s spoiled poodle that despises Ubriacco’s house.
All actors – John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, David Gallagher, Tabitha Lupien, Lysette Anthony, Olympia Dukakis, Danny DeVito, Diane Keaton, George Segal, Charles Barkley, John Stocker, Elizabeth Leslie
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