“Lorenzo's Oil” quotes

Movie Lorenzo's Oil
George Miliotis Miller directed this movie in 1992
Title Lorenzo's Oil
Year 1992
Director George Miller
Genre Drama
All actors – Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Peter Ustinov, Kathleen Wilhoite, Gerry Bamman, Margo Martindale, James Rebhorn, Ann Hearn, Maduka Steady, Mary Wakio, Don Suddaby, Colin Ward
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  • “- Augusto Odone: Dr. Nikolias, what about the other boys, what results are you seeing in them?
    - Professor Nikolias: As with Lorenzo it's too early to tell. We need this study to run for the full six months.
    - Augusto Odone: And that would tell you what is obvious right now? That avoiding apple skins and pizza has no effect on this brutal disease?”

    Nick Nolte - Augusto Odone
    Peter Alexander Ustinov - Professor Nikolais
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  • “When Michael, our first boy, got sick, we searched around looking for anything that might help him. You know what was the best thing that happened? He was taken quickly. Now Tommy... he has lasted three years, for two of them, he's been without his sight, his mind, everything that makes him a human being, he's a vegetable. Y'know if you would...” (continue)(continue reading)
    James Rebhorn - Ellard Muscatine
  • Do you know how many children die every year from choking on french fries? Many more than from Adrenoleukodistrophy. You see, ours is what is known as an orphan disease, too small to be noticed, too small to be funded, especially with the iron hand of "Reganomics".
    Peter Alexander Ustinov - Professor Nikolais
  • “- Augusto Odone: They've got Lorenzo on a turvy-topsy diet. And that bloody immunosuppression is brutal and useless. Michaela, we should not have consigned him blindly into their hands. He should not suffer by our ignorance. We take responsibility. So... we read a little. And we go out and inform ourselves.
    - Michaela Odone: But... to miss time...” (continue)
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    Nick Nolte - Augusto Odone
    Susan Sarandon - Michaela Odone