“Andre” quotes

Movie Andre
George Miliotis Miller directed this movie in 1994
Title Andre
Year 1994
Director George Miller
Genre Drama, Adventure, Family
All actors – Tina Majorino, Chelsea Field, Shane Meier, Aidan Pendleton, Shirley Broderick, Keith Carradine, Andrea Libman, Keith Szarabajka, Joshua Jackson, Jay Brazeau, Bill Dow, Joy Coghill
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  • “He's not prejudiced, you know. He hates everybody.”
    Joshua Carter Jackson - Mark Baker
  • “Many years ago, a seal named Andre made his first historic swim home and his life became legend. Every winter he lived the life of a gentlemen at the country aquarium. Every spring my Dad set him free, and every time Andre made the two hundred and fifty mile journey home to spend the summer with us, his family. By the time Andre was twenty four...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Annette O'Toole - Adult Voice of Toni
  • “- Paula Whitney: Dad is so unfair! He doesn't care about me!
    - Thalice: Of course he does. He loves you very much. It's just one of his ways of showing it. You know, when you were born he wanted to take front page ad out in the newspaper. I'm not kidding. And he was so mad that the 11th paged all the other birth announcements. Oh, Paula, he was...” (continue)
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    Aidan Pendleton - Paula Whitney
    Chelsea Field - Thalice Whitney
    [Tag:caring, father, love]
  • “- Thalice: How do you spell Mississippi?
    - Toni: M-I-S-S-I... Who cares, mom? I live in Maine!”

    Chelsea Field - Thalice Whitney
    Tina Majorino - Toni Whitney
  • “- Harry Whitney: Billy, we grew up together!
    - Billy: I didn't like you then either!”

    Keith Carradine - Harry Whitney
    Keith Szarabajka - Billy Baker
  • “I know you're sad, you miss your mom. But please don't die, I'll be your best friend forever. And I will always take care of you, I promise. I love you.”

    Tina Majorino - Toni Whitney
  • “- Thalice: Harry, why is there herring in the fridge?
    - Toni: It's for a friend.
    - Thalice: A fish eating raspberry blowing friend? Harry Whitney, you knew that seal was gonna come back here!”

    Chelsea Field - Thalice Whitney
    Tina Majorino - Toni Whitney
    [Tag:animals, friends]
  • “- Guy on Dock: Careful, Harry! He's mad as a hornet and drunk as skunk!
    - Harry Whitney: My favorite combination.”

    Keith Carradine - Harry Whitney