“Mr. Baseball” quotes

Movie Mr. Baseball
Title Mr. Baseball
Year 1992
Director Fred Schepisi
Genre Comedy, Romance, Sport
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Plot – Jack Elliott is a baseball champion and he's transferred to a Japanese team, the Chuunichi Dragons. After the initial difficulties, Jack adapts himself thanks also to Aya Takahashi.
All actors – Tom Selleck, Ken Takakura, Aya Takanashi, Dennis Haysbert, Toshi Shioya, Kosuke Toyohara, Toshizo Fujiwara, Mak Takano, Kenji Morinaga, Joh Nishimura, Norihide Goto, Kensuke Toita
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  • "When asked his impression of his new manager, Elliot replied: I have much to learn from Uchiyama-San and will gladly strive to shed all my old, disgusting ways of laziness and become my best under his guidance". Very harmonious of you, Jack.

    Michael Papajohn - Rick
  • “Definite that Baseball and Jack always come before Hiroko and Jack.”
    Aya Takanashi - Hiroko Uchiyama
  • “- Uchiyama: I am the Japanese manager for Japanese baseball team that you agreed to play for. It is your duty to learn my ways, not the other way around!
    - Jack Elliot: Different language, same attitude! Let's go!”

    Ken Takakura - Uchiyama
    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
  • - Jack Elliot: Any of you guys speak Americano? Jack Elliot here bringing you the best in Major League thrills for the fellas, and free moustache rides for the ladies.
    - Hiroko Uchiyama: I have seen "free moustache rides" offered on T-Shirts in America. Always by guys you would not want to ride with.

    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
    Aya Takanashi - Hiroko Uchiyama
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  • “Suspend Elliot indefinitely! And consider yourself out, as soon as a replacement is found! You have brought dishonor to the team!”

    Naoki Fuji - Takuya Nishikawa
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  • “- Yoji Nishimurar: All wisecracks you're making make you seem disrespectable. I just do this for you to save face. Besides, press writes their own story anyway.
    - Jack Elliot: I'll deal with the Press! And I'll take care of my own face, you just translate what comes out of it! You got me?”

    Toshi Shioya - Yoji Nishimura
    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
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  • “- Jack Elliot: Just let them have a little fun.
    - Uchiyama: Baseball is work. Not fun.
    - Jack Elliot: Baseball is grown men getting paid to play a game. When you were a kid, I bet you didn't pick up a bat and ball because you were dying to work. A player's career is short enough. Let them enjoy it.”

    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
    Ken Takakura - Uchiyama
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  • “We're not athletes, we're baseball players!”
    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
  • - Jack Elliot: Japanese way, "shut up and take it"!
    - Uchiyama: Jack's way, "me, me, me"! Sometimes acceptance and cooperation are strengths also.

    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
    Ken Takakura - Uchiyama
  • “- Yoji Nishimura: She wants to know why you have chosen to play in Japan.
    - Jack Elliot: Let's just say I had a yen to play here.
    - Yoji Nishimura: Mr. Elliot would gladly pay for honor of playing in Japan.”

    Toshi Shioya - Yoji Nishimura
    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot
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  • “Baseball is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.”
    Tom Selleck - Jack Elliot