“Return to the Blue Lagoon” quotes

Movie Return to the Blue Lagoon
Title Return to the Blue Lagoon
Year 1991
Director William A. Graham
Genre Drama, Romance, Adventure
Interpreted by
All actors – Milla Jovovich, Brian Krause, Lisa Pelikan, Courtney Barilla, Garette Ratliff Henson, Emma James, Jackson Barton, Nana Coburn, Brian Blain, Peter Hehir, Alexander Petersons, John Mann
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  • “- Lilli Hargrave: You lied to me.
    - Richard Lestrange: When did I lie to you?
    - Lilli Hargrave: You promised you'd never hurt me.
    - Richard Lestrange: And when did I hurt you?
    - Lilli Hargrave: Every time you stare at her, you hurt me.
    - Richard Lestrange: I'm sorry. It's just that she's so different.”

    Milla Jovovich - Lilli Hargrave
    Brian Krause - Richard Lestrange
  • “I may be young, captain, but I have spent three years in a climate of fearsome heat, with insects as big as rats and rats as big as cats! I can certainly deal with deck and down with fever!”

    Lisa Pelikan - Sarah Hargrave
  • “- Richard Lestrange: We are married!
    - Sylvia Hilliard: Not really. A lot of made up words in the middle of the jungle doesn't count!
    - Richard Lestrange: It does to me.
    - Sylvia Hilliard: Why don't you just... Follow your heart.
    - Richard Lestrange: Lilli is my heart.”

    Brian Krause - Richard Lestrange
    Nana Coburn - Sylvia Hilliard
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  • “- Lilli Hargrave: I'm gonna keep this forever.
    - Richard Lestrange: What's that?
    - Lilli Hargrave: My prize. The white bead. I think... It looks nice in my hair. Do you?
    - Richard Lestrange: I don't care what you do with it, or how you wear it. You can hang it from you nose for all I care.”

    Milla Jovovich - Lilli Hargrave
    Brian Krause - Richard Lestrange
  • “- Richard Lestrange: You can take us with you back to civilization...
    - Sylvia Hilliard: I should think it must be ever so boring here.
    - Richard Lestrange: What is the meaning of boring?
    - Sylvia Hilliard: Well boring's when... you have nothing whatever to do. So you're bored, like you must be here.
    - Richard Lestrange: No. We're never bored!”

    Brian Krause - Richard Lestrange
    Nana Coburn - Sylvia Hilliard
    [Tag:boredom, place]
  • “- Lilli Hargrave: Mother died six years ago.
    - Captain Jacob Hilliard: How do you follow the years?
    - Richard Lestrange: She taught us. We count the moons, we know that twelve full moon are one year.
    - Lilli Hargrave: We have Christmas and Thanksgiving, and Easter, although we're not exactly sure we celebrate them on the right days.”

    Milla Jovovich - Lilli Hargrave
    Brian Blain - Captain Jacob Hilliard
    Brian Krause - Richard Lestrange
  • “- Lilli Hargrave: There's a baby growing inside me.
    - Richard Lestrange: How do you know?
    - Lilli Hargrave: A woman knows these things... that's how. I won't let it be born in civilization. I want it to be born right here. Where there's no evil, and no lies, and no guns.”

    Milla Jovovich - Lilli Hargrave
    Brian Krause - Richard Lestrange